HeimVision HD Smart WiFi⭐ Security Camera ALEXA compatible (HM205) 👈

HeimVision HD Smart WiFi⭐ Security Camera ALEXA compatible (HM205) 👈

Welcome back to the channel! Today we are
going to check out and unbox a new Wi-Fi camera. This is by HeimVision. Let’s take
a quick look at the box alright so as you can see this is a 1080p HD smart
Wi-Fi camera and this happens to be model HM 205 so on the side list some
key features such as it works with Amazon Alexa says two-way audio supports
AP hotspot connection and you can use microSD and cloud cloud the cloud
service you don’t have to use with this but it you can as well
it offers intelligent tracking and it offers intelligent human shaped section
as well so let’s get to opening the box all right so as you can see it comes
with an instruction manual it’s nice QuickStart instructions helps
you get through the app and everything you need right here you do have the
camera itself and a packet of hardware just in case you want students old the
camera on wall otherwise you can just let it sit in this designated location
here we also have the cord which is USB to micro-usb down in the back very easy
to connect and you’re not gonna have to worry about finding different plugs in
different outlets for this all right so let’s take a closer look at the camera
as you can see the lens is right here on the front it’s big so you do get a wide
angle and here on each side you have speakers because there is two-way audio
in this camera it is adjustable so you can turn it each and every which way you
please and on the bottom if you were to adjust or put this on a certain location
you know where you want to mountain mount it you would utilize this area
here at the bottom and on the back you do have the the plug in which you would
plug your cord in all right so the instructions on the very very very first
page tell you how to download the app onto your mobile device you can do it by
a QR code which is the easiest or you can just search and download in google
play or the Apple App Store fix+ so got that done we’re gonna open the
app and then all you have to do is make an account so I just plugged this in to
my outlet over there and now I am opening up the app once you
have downloaded the app and created account you
can now add your device so we’re gonna do that so here you’re in the main page
and you’re going to push the plus sign up to thank you a level phone today and
you’re the network you’re going to use the plus sign in the top right corner
and then you’re going to say the first option which is intelligent camera then
we can say device adding by spinning code in your level home and then you’re
in a network edition of AP hotspot or addition by connecting to network cable
so we are going to do that I by adding by adding device by scanning the code
which is the first option so now I’m going to log on to my Wi-Fi like I would
do my phone please use your level function and so here the network and
then when you login you then click that QR code or align your camera up with the
QR please use your mobile phone to configure the network and what I want
connecting please wait when you hear the beep you click the button at the bottom
and this means I by connection ahead well there you go hope it means it’s it
connected to the Wi-Fi waiting for the app to catch up a little bit camera it
online all right so on the app it recognizes
that the device has been successfully added and now we can name it alright so
I have two these that I’m going to set up and put around my house but before
that I’m going to make sure that I make that this is paired with Alexa so she
can then show me footage and I can bring it up as well alright so I have both
cameras set up now I do want to make a point of saying that everything you need
to know is in the instruction manual and it is very helpful in very detail but
make sure that you put your Wi-Fi on 2.4 not 5 so everything can easily connect
it’s not going to work when you get to 5 now I do connect it to Alexa that was
very simple like I said it was in the instruction manual didn’t have to worry
about a thing went very smoothly so now you can say if
you do have an echo show like we do you can say Alexa show me camera 1 or
whatever you named your camera that you want to see the footage from you can
also you know say turn camera 1 off stuff like that it is very simple very
easy to use and now we’re going to place these around the house and see what
happens alright so as you can see we have the
two cameras set up one in the bedroom one in the living room and now we can
show you how it works with Alexa Alexa show me camera 1 ok and so as you can see camera one pop
bowl it pops up right on the show which is really handy but like I mentioned
earlier you do need to have an echo show or an echo spot to see this and as you
can see someone just walked by and the camera is picking up on that and it is
shown through Alexa yes I can hear you and you do get a
notification on your phone when there has been motion detected all right so
when you have your camera and you’re looking through the settings I will show
you how to get here and in a few minutes but I do want to point out that you do
want to have humanoid detection on so when you have the camera up and you’re
using it for security you can in fact know when people are moving in the room
so with that I’m going to open up camera two and show you what that looks like
Alexa show camera two okay now I do want to point out you do get a
notification on your phone when it detects any sort of movement in the room
with any camera whether you have one or two yes we can hear you all right so I did want to show you the
app for a little bit as you can see right on the front page we have our
camera too and our camera one at the bottom if you get any messages you can
see that that will show you all of the motion detection notifications you’ve
gotten so you can go and see what they were when they happened there’s a cloud
service right there if you decide to use that or use a microSD and you have your
settings at the bottom now to get a little bit more detail if you were to
push the camera or whichever camera you have in picking camera 2 you can notice
at the bottom there’s some options here in the middle here is the dial for you
to turn and move the camera and as you can see the camera will move in a second
like I just moved it down I’m moving it to the right the microphone here at the
bottom does allow you to speak to whoever is on the other side maybe
intruder or someone trying to get into your house you can use the sound button
here to play sound or to not play play or half sound at least you do have a
more option where you can record what is currently on the screen now or look at
the album that is attached to it and up here the Settings button to the far left
for fright shows you all the settings you need to know like device name the
time zone whether you have the microphone on or off night vision and
you know humanoid detection motion detection and you can also adjust the
sensitivity if you live in an area where you want to put this by your front door
and look at whoever’s coming in the front door you may not want to get a
notification each time a car passes so you can adjust
the dial to however you please all right so I have closed blinds made the room
very dark just so we can show you what the quality of the picture looks like at
night now this does have night mode so the picture you are seeing on the show
is night mode yes we can hear you and if you want to see a better picture on my
phone it is in night mode and that is very good it’s a great feature or like
that all right so that’s a look at the time vision Wi-Fi security camera please
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