Gorkab Tests – BenQ W2700 4K HDR Projector

You’ve been demonetized A review of the BenQ W2700? Oh yeah? OK then! Oh hell no… You’re the sick bastard who made me cross portals! Théo Conspi, since when are you a courier?! Hey, men’s gotta work! No, for real? Uh, well… I’ve been demonetized, so my mommy told me to get a job… What? My mommy said “get a job” and, well, uh… Yeah… Demonetization, same as you, just got it… Freaking algorythm! Indeed! Right, so now take your order, don’t piss me off, OK? Don’t be a pain Right Good day, sir! Right Oh shit, I have to do selfies now, oh là là… “Uh, it’s delivered, here’s proof!” BenQ recently got in touch with me So that I could review their latest 4K projector The W2700 Thus becoming the very first review on this YouTube channel Home of CGM, my show dedicated to the origins of CG in Movies Already equiped since 2016 with a Panasonic 4KTV The TX-50CX700E The very last to feature active 3D technology I was thus pretty interested in testing 4K projection 1080p becoming quite poor to my taste When you reach 80 inches wide pictures So I installed the BenQ W2700 in a few different room configurations Using motorized, mounted screens, and white walls With around 2 to 3.5 meters (6.5-11.5 feet) in distance Each time on a coffee table The W2700 lens boasting a 1.3X zoom You can get a 70″ diagonal with only 2 meters in distance Up until 200″, if you have the right space to do so The good news on this W2700, it’s the automatic keystone Which will adapt the picture to any positioning A setup even more adjustable afterwards Thanks to the backlit remote, shipped with batteries And that one can choose to combine, or not, with the unit’s screw-fitting feet On the technical side, the W2700 is equipped With a Texas Instruments 0.47″ chip using 4K simulation Meaning the matrix is actually not displaying 3840×2160 pixels But 4K is achieved nonethless using a process called XPR Quadrupling the number of pixels, with the use of micro-mirrors on the chip Vibrating thousands of time a second, thus being invisible to the naked eye And to actually get 4K, you obviously need 4K sources When this W2700 review is made The cheapest way to play 4K Blu-ray is with the Sony UBP-X700 Found at 200€ or less But if you do own an Xbox One, models S or X It’s also a good way to play 4K Blu-ray Discs By the way, PlayStation 4s, models Fat, Slim and Pro Are not capable of playing 4K Blu-rays And you’ll certainly have to wait PS5 for that But if you don’t have an Xbox One S or X Or a dedicated 4K Blu-ray player How do you actually get 4K on the W2700? There are two ways for that: Either plug you computer via one of the two HDMI 2.0a on the unit Either use the internal player, available via the USB 3.0 port But since the internal player only works with FAT32 and NTFS storage You’ll need a Windows formatted device in order to enjoy content Nowadays SD cards with XC norm being formatted in exFAT They’re actually not compatible directly And must be converted to NTFS in order to work on the W2700 Problem, the internal player is, for me Very far from being a good alternative to a PC or an external dedicated player And while video codec compatibility is pretty solid With 4K SDR and HDR HEVC / H.265 files all playing flawlessly Same with stereoscopic 3D H.264 files Provided you get the DLP active shutter 3D glasses A universal norm for videoprojectors Unlike Bluetooth, demanded on my Panasonic 4KTV Where it’s not good: audio The internal player will inform you that it simply… can’t play audio! Regardless surround sound format: Dolby, DTS, even the basic stuff With Dolby Digital being a standard on all HD and 4KTV sold in France The internal player won’t play it A paradox, knowing the W2700 has a working built-in optical SPDIF out As long as your files have stereo sound only Worse; the internal player simply has no options whatsoever To choose between audio tracks The same applying to subtitles Which will display on your videos without any possibilities to deactivate them If your files were to have any Features I deem to be fairly basic for a video player And that, I hope, will soon be corrected with a firmware update Exit the internal player How does the BenQ W2700 fares when connected to a BR4K player? Particularly on the colors side? Well, BenQ announces it covers 100% of the Rec.709 color space Perfect for SDR 1080p Blu-ray Disc then! And up to 95% of the DCI-P3 norm That’s 66% of the Rec.2020 color space for you Used for HDR on 4K Blu-ray Disc A good improvement compared to the last BenQ 4K model The W1700, which only boasted 50% of Rec.2020, late 2018 It’s also compatible with the HLG color space Jointly developed by the NHK and the BBC One good news for HDR, it’s the auto-mapping mode Brightness levels can vary from film to film It’s unthinkable for the average user to setup gamma for each viewed movie The W2700 offers to do this in real-time, in lieu of the user That, without sacrificing any lumens. A blast! Speaking of lumens, by the way If it’s announced that the W2700 goes up to 2 000 lumens It only gets there with its “Bright” mode And will go down to 1 345 lumens in its “Cinema” mode Which comes recommended And for that level to be reached, the lamp will have to stay in “normal” mode Otherwise, it will be 1 000 lumens only That “Eco” mode apparently guarantees the lamp for 10 000 hours Against 4 000 in “Normal” mode A good video quality for interior projection, then Noise-wise, the W2700 three fans go up to 37 dB in “Normal” mode And 32 dB in “Eco” mode Thus, better than BenQ’s best-seller, the W1070 And its 40 dB noise level A silent videoprojector! In the end, what to think about this BenQ W2700? Sold around 1 600€ in most shops This is clearly a must that we have here Except the internal player, a disappointing first for BenQ The videoprojection quality is simply amazing at 4K for a unit of that price range There’s not much missing from it to become a staple And I hope BenQ will soon get the necessary fixes for it to become their new W1070 Hopefully their 4K best-seller! If you liked that very first review on my channel Don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave a thumbs up See you soon for some new videos! Ciao!

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