Fresh projectors in Volvo C30

Hi! So some time ago I’ve noticed that I have black spot in my Volvo C30. I’m talking about my headlights. My low beam. I wasn’t satisfied with the light and I decided to disassemble the headlight, take out the projector lens and check how it looks, and… It wasn’t in the best condition. So! I’ve found this guy who was selling his projector lenses. New ones. But unfortunately those were *right-hand-drive / left-hand-traffic lenses. So I had to figure out how to use them in my car, so… Maybe disassemble my old ones and the new ones and make something from the parts. So I decided to remove from my lenses the shutter? Or the shield? I don’t know how to call it. The thing that makes the light and shadow cutout. Because that was the only difference between mine lenses and the *RHD/LHT lenses I swapped those and basically created a *LHD/RHT lenses…. that I can install in my car and drive legally and safely. And of course I’ll be making tutorial about headlight adjustment in Volvo cars …and also explaining some common dim headlights issues in your car. When your projectors are out of focus or light is dim or when you have hot spots in unusual places. So stay tuned for that. So! That’s a quick update on my Volvo C30 and just wanted to let you know that …you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. You can find my Instagram and Facebook links in the description of this video or just look me up directly. OK, that’s all! See you soon!

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