Faux Mirror | The BEST Dollar Tree DIY Mirror You Don’t Want To Know About

(light music) – Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. It’s Tresha and I have
a wonderful DIY idea, how to make faux mirror wall art. And this is exactly what it looks like. Guys, if you don’t have
anything on your wall, this is the perfect
project for you to try. This is the quickest
and the cheapest project I have done yet. You have to watch this. OK, guys, the secret is I use
these silver plastic plates from the Dollar Tree. And what we’re gonna do is arrange them. I started with three going vertically. And then I make sure that
they are one inch apart. Next, I’m going to have
three going across. Horizontally. Next, we’re going to
glue the plates together. I’m just going to use my hot glue gun and going to disperse
hot glue along the base of the plate. We’re going to place the
plate on top of each corner of the center plate that’s at the base. Just take your time. Once you do that, just
press down a little bit and then we are going to flip it over. After you do that, we’re
going to add a little bit of hot glue on the corners of the plate. This is to secure the art. I know it looks messy,
but only you will see it. Finally, we’re going to hang the art. And I’m going to use
Command strips for this. All you need is just to
take one out and place it in the center. Just hang it on the wall and you are done. Guys, two dollars makes two pieces of art. It looks like mirror, but it’s not. And it’s absolutely beautiful. What do you guys think? Thanks, guys for watching. Let’s connect on Instagram. I’m @DesignsbyTresha. I would love to see your DIY projects, so make sure you tag me. Also, check out my other videos. I think you’ll like it.

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