EngSub Обзор Blackview Hero 2 Full HD 2.7K Sport Action Camera review New firmware

EngSub Обзор Blackview Hero 2 Full HD 2.7K Sport Action Camera review New firmware

Hello guys. Today i want introduce to you a sport action camera Blackview Hero 2 Name Hero 2 and box …like a GoPro=) Yes, it is GoPro clone. Video size 2560*1080/30, 2304*1296/30, 1920*1080/45, 1920*1080/30, HDR 1920*1080/30, 1080/720/60, 1080*720/30. Sensor OV4689 Ambarella A7LA50 Screen 2″ 960*240 HD LCD, 170 degree. Battery is 1050mah And blackview Hero 2 has external remote control with screen for photo and video. Hero 2 has microphone. Record video in MP4 with codec H.264 Support micro sd 64Gb A lot of details for mount Waterbox is cool quality. No cracks between walls. Power on/off button is on front side. OK button for start record video and confirm settings. Microphone is on right side. Navigation menu button up and down are here. Left side: miniHDMI, microUSB and micro sd slot. Max 64GB Down side: battery cell. Battery capacity is 1050mah. Additional battery costs about 3$ Screen 2″. 2 led. One for indicate when recored video and photo. Second lights while camera is charging Lets turn on camera!=) Camera is loading very quickly. To choose video size press UP and then DOWN You can choose quality: best, good, standart. For exit press UP. For choose press OK. Press UP and you can choose language, data and time, format micro sd and default settings. Auto turn off 1, 3, 5 minutes. 50Hz, 60Hz, auto. Button’s sound on/off. Current firmware version For better video you can install Siberia Mod firmware. You will have 35Mbps instead of 18Mbps. Long press UP and you in photo settings. Choose photo resolution like in video settings. Quality same. And time with date. You can turn off. Then long press UP again. You can see you photos and videos. Press DOWN and go from photo to video materials. Play all videos, delete file. Press UP again and go to main video menu. In this menu press DOWN and you will turn off microphone. RF(РФ) for use external display. Turn on RF – camera display is off. Turn on external display. Press button on external display to make video and photo. No delay. I like external display. You can use in on bicycle or RC models. Working time is 1h15m You can see original videos in description. Now bitrate 18Mbps. After Siberia Mod 35Mbps. A lot of things with camera in box. Sound is not good. Thanks for watching me. Like this video please. Share this video with your friends. Bye-bye.


  • Nik

    August 24, 2015

    Круто! Но чёт музон слишком громкий(

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  • 0lympy

    October 4, 2015

    А по камере – странно, что нет [email protected]


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