[ENG] 조명 거울, led mirror review, 화장 거울 추천, 샤오미 led 거울, 알리익스프레스 추천, AliExpress

[ENG] 조명 거울, led mirror review, 화장 거울 추천, 샤오미 led 거울, 알리익스프레스 추천, AliExpress

Hello, I’m Shining RJ. The product that I am going to introduce as a recommendation for AliExpress today is a makeup essential item that has recently appeared in beauty Item; it is an LED light mirror. It’s Xiaomi’s beauty product with a lot of Korean post-purchase reviews from AliExpress. I bought this product at a very low price during this Gwanggun Day event. The lighting in the room is in the middle of the ceiling, and the dressing table is near the wall, so It’s uncomfortable to have the lights in the back when I’m wearing makeup. Depending on the lighting, it’s hard to know the color of your face. It is also difficult to know the exact color of cosmetics. I’m so tired of doing makeup while holding a small mirror. After buying an LED make-up mirror, I’m so satisfied that I don’t need to look at the big mirror and put on your makeup again. Don’t miss out on product details and usage, order information for AliExpress, and finally, don’t miss out including pros and cons and general reviews!! 🙂 Now, let’s start by taking a quick look at the packaging and specifications of the LED mirror. The package is simple. LED mirror, micro 5-pin USB cable, manual. The reason why I hesitated while ordering the product was because of the break. It’s nothing else. It’s a mirror, but it’s uncomfortable to break. But after looking at the photos and the reviews of the detailed description of the product, I thought it would be okay, so I ordered. It was stuck in this thick paper box, and inside it was a primary mirror, there was this sponge-like protection. And additional packing, mirror was put in this wrapper. The packaging was very tight. Like in the picture, this box was packed in a bag full of vacuum, so the box was barely crushed and I was so satisfied. The color is white. The size is 16.8 cm wide, 23.8 cm long, and 2.5 cm thick. It’s the right size for all your face at once. The size of the mirror is always a bit vague. If it’s too big, it’s too heavy to lift. If it’s too small, it’s hard to see it close at once. It’s uncomfortable to move a mirror or face around. But this mirror is about the right size. The material is an ABS, but it’s not completely matte, and it’s a little bit glossy, so it doesn’t look cheap to touch or color. After receiving it, I put it on the floor of the dressing table and used it a lot, but there’s no scratches. I love it. You can use a prop to put it on the dressing table or fold it and just hold the mirror in your hand. The support can be angled up. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Angle Adjustment is possible. It weighs 370 grams, but it’s not too much to move around with in one hand I often use it with my hands, but it’s not a burden. This is where the USB cable is plugged in, when the power is connected, the red light is on this side. And fully charging when the LED faded. The time required for a single charge is 3 hours, and the battery has a capacity of 1200 mA with a lithium-ion battery. If the light is not switched off, on, or on, and used in three consecutive stages, the brightest lighting, the available time is 4. 17 hours. The front face consists of a mirror, a border LED light, and a switch only. The mirror is clean. And it’s a good mirror that doesn’t look ugly even if you don’t turn on the lights. My appearance in the mirror is slightly different from one mirror to the other. There’s a mirror that makes me look ugly. You don’t want to use such mirrors, no matter how expensive and good they are. Fortunately, this mirror is not that kind of mirror. The distortion is not serious. LED lights last 30,000 hours. So, it’s a semi-permanent product. The touch switch. If so, you tap, illuminated. Press this long to adjust the intensity of the light in the light. Step 3. The brightness of light, light indicating the unit is called lux. 100 lux is a very dark daytime brightness, 320 lux is the recommended lighting in the office, and 400 lux is the sun rise on a clear day or the brightness of a sunset. The first level of illumination in the LED mirror is 120 lux. It’s suitable for everyday skin care. The second stage is full makeup at 280 lux, and the brightest stage is 525 lux, which is good for fine makeup and point makeup. I think it’s a suitable mirror to make delicate point makeup without getting tired of the eyes because it is said that it is good if the illumination of the studying room is over 500 lux. I have a bad dry eye. So, I have to be careful when the light is too bright or too strong. This mirror feels like the light is very soft. In the third brightest stage, if you turn on the lights until you finish your makeup for an hour, you’ll still feel comfortable. Because without the symptoms of your eyes hurting or when you turn off the mirror, no uncomfortable glare. Now, let me give you the price and order information for AliExpress. On November 11, the sale price for Gwanggun Day was $10.21 (USD). However, as of December 9th, the price is $10.21 (USD). In Gwanggun Day, the price we saw was not cheap, but there were so many coupons that the amount of payment after applying the coupon was often reduced. I had a coupon for a $5 (USD) discount for purchases over $10 (USD), so I bought it for $5.21 (USD) after application. It was a free delivery. It’s about 6,100 won for KRW. It’s about 12,000 won at this price without coupons. The following are shipping information: The shipping was AliExpress Standard Shipping, you have been able to check the shipment process. The seller sent it on November 13 and received it on November 21. It took a total of 10 days from order to receipt. I was surprised to see you too soon even though it was a big holiday delivery. As I showed you earlier, the packaging is tightly packed in a very big vacuum bag. As it’s a mirror, I feel very concerned about preventing damage. A general review of Today I’ll give it five stars. I think it’s okay to have this price for free shipping, even if it’s not applied coupons. But if you’re not in a hurry, If you buy more than $10 (USD) at the end of the year or early in the year, if you buy more than $15 (USD), if you buy the product when the discount coupon is applied, you can buy it for about $8 (USD), which would make it smarter. What I think is most important in the LED mirror is the brightness and the glare of the lights. Even the brightest and best mirror can’t concentrate if it’s dazzling, and it can’t really be used for makeup because of a headache. The brightest 3 steps are 525lux. It’s easy to see for long periods of time. It’s perfect for makeup. And even without the lights, the mirror itself is free from distortion, and the shape is clearly visible, so I’m very satisfied. And I think USB charging is another advantage, not battery type. I love the angle control phase 3, the light control phase, and the simple operation. In addition to fast and safe delivery, I would highly recommend it to those who need LED make-up mirrors. However, the switch is in the mirror, so the fingerprint is more likely to occur. It’s not that fingerprints are particularly severe. When I use a mirror, I wipe the mirror once every day after makeup, so it’s not a big concern. And since it’s a lithium-ion battery, if you use it until it’s discharged, the battery life will be reduced. Like a smartphone battery, it was warned to charge before a full discharge and once a month if not used for a long time. Did my video help you with your purchase? Please subscribe and press LIKE to continue introducing the special buying tips. The hidden gems of AliExpress. 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