DIY Camera Slider (Trolley Dolly)

DIY Camera Slider (Trolley Dolly)

well there are welcome back to the show
you know one of those requested items uh… to rebuild the past years got to
be a slider dali everybody loves a slider alleyway wants us literally you
notified early is that he’s a rail system that you lock your camera to the
slides back-and-forth distances without to four feet levy kind of a major
tracking shot kind of feel uh… there are lots of directions uh…
our buildings all over the internet sos curious why people kept asking me and they kept going back and say what we
want to see what your take is okay why one had not when i called the
trolley dalian we’re gonna look at it right now became an early campaign we used to and
paper trust bowling shirts which is really looking for here and going into the door as the
actor approaches to back here on the ground thoroughly in angola looks like animals
hanging up on an object uh… neck shot i am going forward uh… well until fidel kind of walking
through the forest p_o_ v aztec shot is a combination shot of uh… panning right to left and then going back oracle reveal annexure here is the lateral left to right subject before around again the intel is on the ground you’re back at the front door so
concerned and other lateral move going left to right natural drama plays out here who writes left and there’s more dramatic uh… angolan
dalian filter at a low angle very dramatic here’s another lateral move from the
right to left the composition exit kind of interesting uh… the snapshot is uh… going from low to high and carol
circling shower actually it’s just an extreme angola tracksuit remain on
the shots into simple dalian but looks really really good i think and brother come back to the front door
sitting in the senate antenatal or rolling upwards and were we will write back to town dorchester just inherently interesting i
think they at a touch of class to leadership
meeting matured a lot more interesting than we
know the way people use these kind of shots demanding a camera wheels which is that
simple it just looks different it’s kind of
interesting a static and uh… i like them here’s the real and using this is a real
troy delhi here such as a minimalist version of the table dolly on some miniature dolly track whole trek is on a base which has a
quick plate attached so i can put it on my tripod and then i can mount the trolley uh… essentially anywhere i can uh…
put repartee and i can do those higher off the ground shots but i want to another advantage of uh… having this in a tripod is now i can tell the
track an extreme angle and get those kind of creating a chip
shots like stone analysis isn’t quite like a
real slater in fact the session is a small dali on small dolly track first of all
different i was coming i take on this cities in rails at issue stand nature
version of the national cameramen okay so let’s build one of these suffer
sup we’ve got a uh… black eight-year cutting board has followed by some hardware here these
records cruise version korean link because some screws which means they’re
tapered in top pills that some washers lock washers and
quarter-inch nuts makes them very quickly for a tripod
offender or shirt headquarters shrew along with washer and
lock washer with it you’ve got some uh… magnetic tape this
is half inch wide and ten feet long there get some uh… one inch pc parts
either for elbows in some porridge scrap to those except for some black shelving rail mrs three-quarter inch is why i believe it’s
the reorganize brand and it says seven inches long this is uh… your camera mount is
basically three quarter inch plug p_c_ quote casually bohat actually seen a quick
connect you really need the quick connect here
this is just something that he’s an old myrick silicon will make a row between them quickly that some pc parts chairs and three
quarter inch teason something should have scrapped and finally where we’ll assembly that
the exact same wilson was reason table dali so if you want to you can avoid if you
would like to make the trolley you do that and say fifteen dollars animals have to spend twenty five
dollars on the track system view and or the whole thing is that
russia forty the tools you’ll need for this project
responsibility truly that requires you to wrench to has refused to restaurant owners and top this characteristic on the right nearer
to kansas screwdrivers living in my multi tool on the bottom but their motto is a counter sanctity of
the fellini one of the zine instead of three error-free tools for about four
bucks you’ll need a table saw really some kind of solitude smells
reciprocating saw actually use the tough stuff now here are all your parts to build
your trolley knows the wheels some ways on top priority is somewhat that’s because i can always them from
the table dali and so i’m going to repeat myself if you
need to build these uh… click on the link that should
appear and i’ll take you to that section of the
table dolly video on the link will fall that to bring you right back to the same
spot someone do that now if you need to ok sam lares pretty straightforward antiquities unit that uh… to the inserts into the
pot then going to take your wheels too remained open ends of these days with
the answers until you got to we’ll send lease instead of four and figure we’ll assemblies and put them
into the last remaining t on both ends and then take your camera mount and plug
into the last remaining hole and your control is done makes up take a chauffeur allan cut in
half of the recipients are where you are chop saw senility pieces reporting with more on the rack and throughout
this campaign season though usually cash infusion he’ll know winning the deep enough new carrot sticks crews will sit in the
whole of the level of the rest of the reelect so mexico show frail and at some gaffer
state all four hands interrupted several times just enough so
that your p_c_ ovals if it’s not leave not to smoke because you don’t want to adjust your
rail in these sell those later soviet too much tape thirty-some-odd but
not enough at some okay listen more basic track here
risk-taker pc although stand are one inch pieces scrap put them together and then we’re going to answer a rails
into each open and uh… diablos like this so then you have a attracted tas basically held together down sitting
loose and you’re going to our ball at this
point to try and make it look as level and as normal as possible group in the trial and to fine tune it system that we can we do this so petroleum attract and you’re going to slide a
back-and-forth you’ll notice that as binding in certain points and that uh… that binding the friction
is telling you that you need to fix something so this is where you can make those
adjustments you trolley you have a chance to with
that at all at this point so slight a back-and-forth and where
it’s not working uh… make adjustments until the trolley slides back-and-forth with these expand contract to hurry up to do
twister rails sources miss smooth as possible this is
really important because once you screw you’re basically to the rails you’re screwed if you
didn’t have to separate unionists are over let’s make your base future acute pain bloating table five
co-authored pictures that the witness stand your
tracked with table so with and any contest be a huge cvs his that she’s reall amaze your entrance to
the full both sides so you have a little extra satellites no way say we’re basically singular holes and i
also do a crisscrossed based on the corners of your plate you lower the exact center as you can
uh… drill a hole for your quick with their the mark the holes for all the screws it
will connect to the rail and roll out you’ll have five years literature played for contract grover picture play on its merits and screws is
the carousel screws and put them through its soul annual event manager washer your lock washer internet you do this for times and take them all up next add your quick weight cupping screw going to the bottom flip
it over had your fender washer had your lock washer and you’re not and turned down their final step is to take your
magnetic tape to cut a couple pieces about thirty
three three four inches in length and no one centimeter tape is actually
he said and you don’t want that so you’re going to take center for state uh… half inch wide uh… ripple long strip attach it to the
abusive so it doesn’t actually stick you really
don’t want that you want to make that acoustic went up really sick once that’s done they have to strips you
can drop ranger rogue rail it will stick mostly because it’s magnetic that’s not stuck there suggest that you
can actually see where roadway wheels writing hits and a gesture to accordingly in a very smooth two-track service on
the insider rail and your troy dali is complete let me know what i remember here is that
i like a rail fighter the trolley dolly is not walk down the track so somebody
capture tripod or knocks the trolley or bumps in your camera there’s a chance the whole thing might
fall right out of the ground you don’t want that that’s bad so please be careful what you do
anything here is the point is realistically trolley part of the track
and put it on the ground floor st uh… nothing’s gonna change and you
can’t just put it right back when you reduce shot again this especially goes
for a few uh… decided tilt the tracking angle please please don’t let
go of your camera when you have it on the track if you do gravitates over in couple and
no more camera so please be careful that we were supposed to camera specially me second that happy tracking shots but


  • Jason .C

    August 10, 2016

    if i built this type of dolly myself then i got a camera roller

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    October 6, 2016

    Would a DSLR be safe on the dolly?

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    April 19, 2017

    nice video…but opening frame is out of focus…subject is not clear…..

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    October 4, 2017

    always funny when a DIY video says "these are all the tools you need" and lay down a few basic things but then half way through they start using a big ass expensive table saw haha. nice slider though, picked up a few ideas from the video (y)

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    November 6, 2017

    Best I've seen

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    after 7 yrs it is still worth it

  • Peter Lewis

    January 17, 2018

    I think it would be possible to "trap" the rig by modifying this so that a mirror image of the track was positioned upside down on top. And the you could totally add a motor to it. One of the best DIY rigs online. Excellent ideas!

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    Just great, simple,quick and cheap.

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    June 21, 2018

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