Distorting Mirror of the Soul. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

Distorting Mirror of the Soul. Episode 1. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

presents Tatiana Lyalina Ilya Noskov Anna Kaziuchits Ada Rogovtseva Yurii Beliaev Konstantine Koretskiy Yana Glushchenko In the movie DISTORTING MIRROR OF THE SOUL Written by Anna Olhovskaya
Producer Maxim Meheda Music by Maxim Smogol Executive producer Vadim Zhuk 1 episode Let me help you, granny! How can you eat those plums?
They are so sour this year! No, granny, they are very tasty! What is really sour — it’s
Vera’s face in the morning! I have 3 grandchildren,
but I’m talking only to you. Please, don’t exaggerate.
Vera and Sasha are good guys, just a little slovenly. They are real piglets! No,
they are grown-up pigs now. Well, it’s their life. Holy cow! Vera, just look at
that! Moscow license plate. It’s Arthur Kislov! — The mayor’s son? Full tank, please! – Hi!
– Hi! Hello! Don’t you recognize me? – Terentieva?
– Yes! Keep the change. Do you work here? Yes, since 2 years. How are you doing? – Great.
– I haven’t seen you for ages. You forgot your school friends
since you moved to Moscow. I did not forget. I keep in
touch. I got to go. Yeah? My parents are waiting. It’s
their silver wedding. See you! – Bye!
– Bye! I guess he doesn’t care
about your feelings at all. We shall see. Yes, Leonid Sergeevich, of course. Sure. How did our mayor find out about the deal? Now he will demand his fare share
of profit from the dealership. We need to lure Litvinov into a sauna. Our mayor is used to discussing
business in such a setting. Semen Borisovich, how can we do this? He’s dating Golitsyn’s daughter.
They will get married soon. That’s why he’s so interested
in my deal with Vadim. He wants to be in the
Golitsyn’s close circle. I see, you feel too confined
in the city, Vadim Litvinov? Not enough freedom for you? I never reckoned Alexandrovsk
as a perspective area. Semen Kopytov contacted
me. He’s the local king. He’s got a network of gas-filling
and motor repair stations. He wants to open a car
dealership in his city. He wants me to be his business partner. Maybe he’s more interested in
you as my future son-in-law. I’m a very smart and
promising son-in-law. You are so modest! What have you done, you piece of crap!? You’ll have to lick it clean
with your tongue! – Ksyusha, calm down, please.
– Get her fired! – What if we play on thecontrast?
– What do you mean? According to the yellow press, Golitsyn’s
daughter enjoys to get up to mischief. What if we introduce to Litvinov a modest,
innocent girl instead of a slut bag? It’s a good thought, but
it’s out of a fantasy world. If there were such a sauna around
here, I’d happily go there myself. Come in! – Hello, Semen Borisovich!
– Hi! What do you want? Semen Borisovich, it’s a personal business. What personal business
you’re talking about? – Vera, my sister…
– What about her? Well… Edik, we’ll finish later,
you’re free to go. Yes, sir. Please take a seat! Oligarch’s daughter!
I missed out on educating her. Well… Tell me honestly, Vadim: do
you love her at list a little bit? Vladimir Igorevich, I
respect you so much, but… why asking such questions? This business project was your offer. Didn’t you tell me that a
marriage based on love is doomed? – When will you meet this guy?
– Kopytov? In 2 days. It’s not my fault! I got set up! As far as I understand,
Terentiev, you need money, right? That’s right… Semen Borisovich,
would you borrow me some? – You already owe me a few thousands.
– I will repay, I promise! Stop, Terentiev! It’s time to pay now! Semen Borisovich, we have a different deal… We don’t have any deal.
I give you 3 days for this. – Where will I get the money from?
– It’s your problem! Either you bring the money in 3 days, or we’ll have to surgically
remove your kidney. – Are you joking?
– Do I look like a clown? Semen Borisovich, Vera promised me… How do I care? Vera is not
the only girl I deal with! But…you’ve got another sister, haven’t you? Yes, Olga. – Is it true that she’s very prudent?
– What do you mean? Are you stupid?
Did she have sex with anyone? Are you kidding? She
hardly ever kissed anyone… Our mother always holds her
up as an example for Vera. Great! Terentiev, if you make
Olga come where I want her to be, and entertains my guest,
I will forget about your debt. But it’s impossible… I’m waiting for you in 3 days. Semen Borisovich, Olga will
never go there willingly. I can lie to her and bring her… You’re not stupid,
Terentiev, you’re an idiot! I don’t need any problems with law.
My partner is a civilized man. Either Olga comes and does everything
properly, or you bring the money. Get out of here!
I’m tired of talking to you. Irka, take a seat beside me. Olga Terentieva! Let me
introduce you to a wonderful girl. – Hello!
– Hello! This is my son Arthur. I remember you. You studied
together with my sister Vera. You were playing Sting’s songs to guitar. That’s right! Is that Olga? How does
the mayor’s wife know her? Olga has always had keen
interest in helping sick kids. That’s why she chose to be a defectolodist. I remember our father saying that she
should study business, but she was adamant. What does it have to do
with the mayor’s wife? She brought a delegation into our
orphanage. Olga was an intern there. Lots of TV journalists came
around, and Olga was a star. – Hi, Vera!
– I saw you already! – Hi Arthur!
– Hi girls! We want to go have some fun
tonight, would you like join? No, thank you. Why don’t you write down
my new phone number? I don’t have a pen at the moment. I will call you on the land line. Bye! He hasn’t got a pen.
Could have used his phone! Shut up!
And don’t stare like that at my Arthur. He’s as much yours as he is mine. Let me help you carry this bag please. You’re very kind,
but unfortunately, you’re late. What do you mean? You’ve
got a husband and 3 kids? No, but I’ve reached my destination. So maybe I could… Good day! Olga, my dear! Oh it’s so heavy, Olga! No, it’s not heavy at all. You shouldn’t have brought so much stuff. – Hi dad!
– Hi! – How’s granny?
– She’s fine. It’s good for your heart to eat
a lot of fruit and vegetables. When do you leave to the institute? Studies start on October 1st, but
I have to write a report for my internship, so I will stay for a few
more days to help you. – Plums!
– They’re dirty. I hope you won’t stay for the night? What are you saying? It’s not
only your room, but Olga’s, too! Mom, don’t… By the way, you could also
go help your grandmother. Everyone likes to eat jam, but
nobody wants to work for it! Who’s saying that! You
hardly ever visit your mother! You haven’t seen her since New Year. Olga is your only source of
information about your mother’s health. You’re just waiting for her to
pass away and vacate the house. What are you saying? Chill out, I’m just kidding! Sasha’s home. Yeah, he’s been absent for a day. Why don’t you tell him to
stop going to illegal clubs? He’s wasting a lot of
money. It might end up badly. Enough of that! Hey princess! Who are you trying
to teach? We’re not idiots? I’m not so sure. Hi, Sasha! It looks like he gambled away again. Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?
I’d have breakfast with you. Right! I’d be hungry and late for work. – When will you come back?
– In a few days. I’ll be waiting. – Bye!
– Bye! Olga, where are you going?
Seat down and eat some cutlets. Mom, what are you saying? Princesses don’t eat cutlets,
especially with spaghetti! – It’s way above her.
– Enough of this! – Look at this!
– What is this? “To the most wonderful
girl of our city. Arthur.” He didn’t forget about me. – Who’s Arthur?
– Kislov. – Mayor’s son?
– Yes. He loves me. The flowers aren’t for you, Vera. – For whom, then?
– It’s for Olga. What? Oh! They slipped away. What do you think you’re doing? We’ve got a deal: no more massage
therapists, gardeners and so on. I don’t understand what
you’re talking about, daddy. Yes, one moment. Olga, good
evening. It’s Arthur Kislov. I haven’t woken you up, have I? No, you haven’t. I wanted to
know if you liked the flowers. I’m not sure which ones you prefer. Arthur, it’s meaningless.
Please don’t call me again. Why? Did I insult you? I don’t want to explain anything. Good bye! It’s terrible! Who’s this Olga
you talked to? Terentieva, maybe? Maybe. She’s a very nice girl, son.
I like her very much. – Maybe I like her, too.
– Good! Was it him? It was so confusing…
I didn’t want to take these flowers. – Mother made me!
– I see. – She didn’t want to irritate Vera.
– Yes, it’s a sound decision. – It’s not at all my wrongdoing!
– I know. Please, stop. – Good day, Vladimir Igorevich!
– Hello. Please, come in. You asked me to look after Ksenia. Your daughter is having an
affair with her fitness coach. – How long?
– Around one month. Why did you tell me this only now? I wanted to make sure before telling you. – You can go.
– Yes, sir! The subscriber is out of range. – Vera, where are you?
– Ira, wait! Sasha… Ira, you’re lover is adamant!
He’s given me 3 days… He’ll kill me… Are you scared? That’s why
you were drinking all night? Wouldn’t you? In 3 days he’ll cut out my kidneys! Vera, maybe he’s kidding? I don’t think so. Vera, maybe you could talk to him? Didn’t he promise to marry you? Yeah, right… Semen warned me not to
bother him with the family problems. Why are you stressing out?
He offered you a way out. It’s not a way out! Olga will
never go to the sauna willingly. No, Vera, I must leave the town. Don’t worry too much. Olga will go
to the sauna. She will run there! – Hi!
– Hello. What are you doing here? – I’m spying on you.
– You shouldn’t be. I’m just kidding. I’ve
been following you, indeed. I’d like to know why you’re mad at me. I promise I’ll improve myself. Everything is fine, but… Then tell me when we can
meet. Give me a chance. A small chance. Or even smaller. – What will it be?
– A trip to the cinema. No, it’s a theatre. There is a play… Oh no, it’s in Moscow. We can go wherever you want to go. – Ok.
– Great! Where and when? I don’t know. I forgot some papers… – I will wait here.
– No need… I will call you! Olga… Olga, I have been kidnapped. If you don’t pay $20,000,
they will kill me! Olga, they will either kill me,
or ship to some brothel in Turkey! Olga, you’ve got 2 days.
Don’t call the police. The kidnappers have them under control. Olga, please forgive me for
everything! Take care of our mother! – Hi!
– Hello! – Yes?
– Sasha… What do you want? – Vera’s in trouble.
– Where are you? I’m in the library. Don’t cry. Come to the old piers.
I’ll be there. Don’t cry. Sasha, it’s so terrible!
Vera has been kidnapped! – Are you kidding?
– No. Olga, I have been kidnapped… Damn it! Where will we get this money from? Olga will definitely be killed! How about her lover? – Semen?
– What about him? Vera said he’s rich. Maybe he could help? That’s right! I should have
thought about it. I will meet with Semen and talk with him. – Don’t tell anyone!
– Okay. Now, wait for my call. Olga will sleep here? Why? What’s your problem with her, Fedya? She spent the whole summer with
my mother, helped her to can fruit. – She’s taking care of us.
– Right! I couldn’t care less! Yes, Sasha. I’m coming. – Olga, where are you going?
– I’ll be back soon. Olga? I guess she’s
going to meet with Arthur. It’d be funny if the
mayor became our relative! What? Will Semen give us money? Don’t yell! Someone may hear. – Semen is ready to pay, but…
– But? – There’s a condition.
– What is it? He wants you to go to a sauna
tomorrow and entertain one guy. He’s Semen’s business partner. What? You are not a little girl!
You should sleep with that guy. You have to make sure he’s pleased. No, I can’t… Where will we get the money from? We’ve got no choice! Kopytov is a
real dick! I guess Vera is doomed… Okay… What? I agree. Olga, don’t tell Kopytov about Vera, ok? We must celebrate an
execution of this contract. Semen, please spare me any
banquets. I want to have some rest. There’s a great place for rest —
sauna. You’ll have a great time there! No, I think I’ll better go to my hotel. Vadim Viktorovich, one important person
would like to discuss business with you. Who is it? It’s our mayor,
Leonid Sergeevich Kislov. I think I should meet him. Hey, why are you so pale?
Here, drink some! No, thank you. Listen to you! So polite.
Why did Kopytov choose you? It’s not enough room for all of us here! Get the hell out of here! Girls, gentlemen have discussed their
business, now they want to have rest. What’s the matter?
Go ahead and get dressed! – I…
– Come on, come on! Hurry up! Be careful: if the client figures
it out, you’ll never repay me! Ok! What’s up girls? The gentlemen
want some decent girls for tonight. You got me? Take the
pitchers and move it! Go work! Come on! Stop! Take this. Go now! What are you doing, clumsy fool?
Clean it up so that nobody gets cut. Semen, why are you yelling?
There’s a cleaning lady for that. What is this masquerade
all about? What’s it for? Leonid Sergeevich, everything is as usual. Today is special, don’t you think? Dad, everything is fine. You wanted to teach me the ins and
out of this business, didn’t you? I think we should observe traditions. Let’s drink to your fire baptism then! He didn’t want to go. He told me he was waiting for a call. – I got that call, dad. Okay, let’s go!
– I won’t go. Why not? I like sluts like you. Why are you being so rude? Who
taught you to treat women like that? What’s the matter? The thing is I don’t see any
women here, only sly dogs. If you don’t like the company —
go home! The driver is waiting. Thank you, I’ll stay.
I want this. Let’s go! Wait, Arthur! Today the guest is choosing. Of course. Let the woman choose. Let’s go… Ok. – Sasha, give me a fish!
– Catch! What’s up, girls? Let’s drink to Vera! And how about me? Tonight we drink to Vera,
because she’s such a smart head! That’s right! You… didn’t like it? I did my best. What’s your name? Olya. Olga. What are you going here, Olga? Same as everyone else. I have strong doubts about it.
How did you end up here? I came here willingly. Why do you care? Semen? Semen! What? What is this girl doing here? – What girl?
– Olga. That odalisque? You liked her, didn’t you? It’s always good to be the first. You didn’t answer my question.
What is she doing here? She’s selling her virginity —
for good price. – Okay, now it’s my turn.
– Go back to sleep! Let’s drink to your ingenuity,
Olga! You’ll go far I bet. What are you talking about? How much did you get for your
virginity? You made a good bargain? I did. I know my worth. So, where did we stop? Hey, what are you doing? Are
you out of your mind or what? What are you doing, idiot?
Wipe it out, now! Black paint! In the past times the slut’s
doors were painted with oil tar, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Everyone must know the truth. Olga Terentieva — a sauna slut! Sly dog! I will call the police. Fedya! Fedya! Raisa, look what he’s written here! Olga Terentieva is a slut. What is this? What have you
written, you filthy toad? What have you done?! – I have written the truth!
– Fedya! Look, here comes your daughter!
Did you earn a lot, princess? Fedya, don’t do this! Fedya, please!
Fedya, we must call an ambulance! No, better call the TV crew!
It could be a great reality show. What? She deserves it. Fedya, stop, please! I see how you’re earning money!
I will give you a lesson now! Fedya!!! You dirty slut! What a shame
you brought to our name! Fedya, stop it! Fedya, I
beg you, stop! Don’t do it! My own daughter turned out to be a slut! Olga… Olga, my dear… Yes, we saw the writing on the door. Vera! My sister… Don’t touch me! Are you drunk, or what? Vera, where are your bruises? What bruises? What are you talking about? Here, on my phone… Where is my phone? Oh, you lost your phone? Go look for it in the sauna. Mother, Semen told me today and said that his business partner thanked
him for my sister. She’s very skillful. I felt so ashamed. It was horrible. Sasha, why are you silent?
You saw that video. – It was our common decision!
– Are you crazy? I didn’t see anything, and
we didn’t discuss anything. Olga… Mother, do you believe them? Daughter, what a shame… Mother, please. I’m going to take a shower. I can’t believe it. She seemed
to be so modest, but she’s a slut! Olga, what happened? Why did they do it to me? Who? What happened? Tell me please, Olga… It’s ok, calm down baby. I’m with you. I’m always with you, my dear. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is
with you: blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners. Amen. I made some tea for you. Drink some. Granny, why are you crying?
I will soon come back. Don’t pay attention. Oh, I forgot
something important. Here you are. – What is this?
– Open it. – It’s a deed of gift.
– But why? When I die, you will have
a place to live in. It’s not a very good house, but still… Granny, I don’t need your house, I need you. Take it and keep it, please. And take this medallion: it’s
your grandfather’s loving gift. I gave him a modest silver ring,
and he gave me a family jewel. Wear it all times, please. You look like your
grand-grandmother, Volodya’s mother. It will bring you happiness, trust me. Happiness… where is it? Did it bring you happiness? Isn’t a true lifelong love a real happiness? Maybe it’s true for you,
but Volodya forgot about you… Don’t say so. I left him when
I found out that I’m pregnant. If he really wanted, he’d find you. If… He was only 20. And I was 30. He came to do internship in our city. He had such a grand family! They wouldn’t let him marry
a school teacher. What are you doing, you drunkard?
Where are you taking that?! If you don’t give me back the bottle —
you’ll never be able to watch your TV shows! I didn’t take your vodka! You
drank it all and forgot about it! – I don’t believe you!
– Sergey, you drank it all! – Go away!
– Are you out of your mind? – Go away, vixen!
– It’s all because of you! Open your eyes and see
what you’ve done to our son! He’s become sick because of you! You drove that motorcycle
with him in the carriage! I didn’t know he was in the carriage! Here’s your vodka! I will kill you, bitch! I will kill you! – I will call the district police officer.
– Fine, call! Go ahead! Dad! Dad! I will kill you! I will kill you! – Stop, please!
– I will kill her! I will kill you both! Oh my god! Olga, let’s go!


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