Designed For Secret Service, The Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece Is Finally Available To The Public

Designed For Secret Service, The Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece Is Finally Available To The Public

Hi, I’m detective Rock with BrickHouse Security.
I’m also a working police detective in the upstate New York area.
Today I want to present to you a new product called the invisible bluetooth earpiece with
covert SOS button. This is a great new product.
It’s been available to law enforcement for a few years; but now available to the general
public. Now you say to yourself “why do I want this
product?” Well, as a working felony crimes detective,
I’m constantly putting myself in danger situations, and I’m interviewing suspects in their element
and on their territory with no backup. It’s up to me to get myself out of trouble,
but with this product I can now have my partners either in the same room mingling in a crowd,
in a car next to me, in the apartment next door, or down the street listening in to everything
that is going on. They can hear both ends of the conversation.
You say to yourself “well, how does that work?” Well, this device will sync with your bluetooth
telephone or your bluetooth 2-way radio. All your partner has to do is call your cell
phone and he’s in. He’s listening to everything that is going
on– 2 ways from your suspect to you, from you to your suspect.
The way it works is that the earpiece receiver hides deep in your ear and is so tiny, no
one will be able to see that it’s there. But don’t worry, you can easily remove it using
the included super strong magnets. Once the Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece is in
your ear, it will directly sync to your cell phone or 2-way radio via bluetooth, allowing
you to communicate in stealth. The necklace wirelessly transmits the audio
signal to your earpiece, allowing you to hear the person on the other end.
The small microphone is so sensitive, it can pick up all sounds in the room. This body
worn communication system is so covert, you can wear it under your clothes and no one
will know it’s there. And if you need to secretly communicate a
message, you can use the silent beeper to tap out messages to the other person on the
other end of the phone. One tap for no, 2 taps for yes.
There are many other uses for this device besides law enforcement.
Journalist can take it on assignment. You can use it during a board meeting.
You can take it on a first date and let your friends tell you whether you’re doing well
or not. Insurance investigators can use it.
You can even feed actors their lines. What it’s not to be used for is gambling,
cheating on tests, or any other type of illegal activities.
If you’re concerned or unsure, contact your local district attorney’s office.
Tell them the reason you want this device and they’ll let you know whether or not your
purpose is legal or illegal. This has been detective Rock with BrickHouse
Security. We’ll see you next time.

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  • Peter Johnson

    September 9, 2019

    Why was it discontinued?


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