Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Ep 626 – The Revenge Part 1 – 9th October, 2017

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Ep 626 – The Revenge Part 1 – 9th October, 2017

Greetings! Welcome to ‘Crime
Patrol Dial 100’. Love and hatred. Trust and betrayal. These words are completely
opposite to each other. But in reality,
there is a faint line separating
both love and hatred. If this line is blurred
because of any reason a crime takes root there. The story today is such. Here, love within relationships
turned into hatred without anyone realising it. Sir, it seems to be locked. There is a bad stench too. Break the lock. ‘The number you have dialled
is not responding.’ What is it, son?
You seem stressed. Is everything fine in Mumbai? Dad, I am unable to reach
Barkha’s phone. This isn’t the first time. It started when you were here
in Delhi a year ago. Since then, it’s been
the same drama. Mom, Barkha knows that
I have been transferred. And that is the reason
I am here. Does she even know what
work and family means? Veena, why do start bad mouthing
daughter-in-law all the time? We haven’t even met her
till now. And I don’t want
to meet that lady too. Hello. Miss Kavitha, Prakash here. How are you? I am fine. But, it seems like Barkha
and you quarreled again. Yes.. Barkha isn’t
picking up the phone. Would you please go and check
on her and ask her to call me? I get stressed everytime
you both quarrel. ‘I’ll go there’. Thank you, ma’am. Please. Yes, ma’am. I have been ringing
the call bell since a long time. But, it seems like
there’s nobody at home. All right, ma’am.
Barkha might have gone out. Mother! But it’s 10:00 p.m.
At this time.. She must have gone
to meet her friend Raashi. I’ll try calling her. Hello.
– Hi Raashi, is Barkha with you? Barkha.. No, I am in Ahmedabad. What happened? I’ve been trying to call her
since a long time. It isn’t reachable. Miss Kavitha went to check
on her at home. She told me, Barkha
isn’t at home too. So I thought she was with you. ‘No, Prakash.
She isn’t with me.’ She must have gone out
for some errand and her phone
must have switched off. Yes, maybe. Did you both quarrel? No.. All right, I’ll hang up. Listen, I am outside your house. I rang the bell a few times. Nobody is opening the door. ‘I think,
Barkha hasn’t returned yet’. Okay, I’ll talk to Raashi again. Barkha’s phone
is still switched off. All right. No, Barkha didn’t call me. Yes.. I’ve got the tickets. I was afraid I wasn’t going
to get it at such short notice. Yes.. Thank you so much. Prakash, where are you going
with the suitcase? Mom, it’s been two days since
Barkha’s phone isn’t reachable. Dad, I am scared.
– Yes, son. I am going to Mumbai. Listen, call us
once you reach there. Barkha.. Barkha! Barkha! Barkha! Barkha.. Barkha.. Barkha.. Barkha.. Barkha.. Barkha! Barkha! Bar.. Barkha! Kav.. Miss Kavitha! Watchman!
– Mom. Mom! – Miss Kavitha!
– What happened? Mom. Pihu, come here.. What happened, Mom? Why are you crying?
– Quiet.. What happened, Mom? Mom, what happened?
– Quiet.. Pihu, keep quiet.
Nothing’ll happen. A mother showed her love
to her child. Barkha knew very well that
the killers wanted to kill her daughter along with her. She used her presence of mind
and courage to save her daughter’s life and sacrificed her life. It was clear thet Barkha
knew her killers quite well. But, what was the reason
behind this murder? Theft, rivalry or hatred? Who were they who took
hatred to this level? A mother rescued her child
from the killers. Was the child still safe? Because it was impossible
to get out of the wardrobe that she was locked in. If she was still locked inside her life was still in danger. Pihu.. Pihu! Pihu! Pihu! Move.. Please go out. Shirkhe. Sir..
Sir, somebody killed my wife! My daughter is missing too. She is eight years old. Her name is Pihu. I’ve searched the entire house. She is nowhere to be found. Please find her. – Sit down,
we’ll check. – Sir, please.. We’ll search.
– Sir, please.. – Who are you? I am their neighbour. Smitha. Sir, her throat has been slit. Kulkarni, search
the house completely. Try to find some evidence.
– Okay, sir. What did you say
your name was? I am Prakash. I think your wife’s murderer has kidnapped your daughter. Did you get a ransom call? No, sir.
– Where were you since two days? I was in Delhi.
– Why were you there? I stay there, sir. Away from your family? Why? No, sir. I was transferred
there a year ago. And I shifted there. Why didn’t your family
accompany you? I had asked her
to accompany me. She had asthma. She said, she’ll have problems
in Delhi because of pollution. Pihu took birth prematurely,
in seven months. She said that Delhi is
not good for her. When did you get to know
about the incident? Sir, I was trying Barkha’s
number since two days. But, she wasn’t answering
the call. I was frightened. That’s why, I came to Mumbai
in the morning. And.. When I came home, I saw.. Sir, please.
Please search for my daughter. Sir, she is very young. Show us Pihu’s photograph.
– Yes, sir. Sir. Sir, my mobile got stolen
a few days ago. I have recently purchased
this one. I don’t have her photos
in it. You don’t have Pihu’s
photograph? I am sure there is, sir. It must be there
in Pihu’s cupboard. What happened? – Sir, this
is never locked. The key.. Here’s the key. Pihu!
– Devendra. – Pihu.. Send the body for post mortem.
– Okay. Sir, I don’t understand
anything. Barkha has been killed. A robbery has taken place. But, the child was locked
in the cupboard. Check the CCTV footage of
the building for the last three days. And ask the watchman. Okay, sir. Sir, there’s no sign of forced
entry in the entire house. Sir, that means, Barkha knew
the attacker well. He took advantage of it
and entered the house. Then, Barkha prepared tea
for him. Then, he committed the crime
at the right time. Kulkarni, there might be more
than one attacker. Look at that. There are three
broken cups. That means, maybe, there
were three or more people. One more thing.
Come. Look at that, Kulkarni. The door of the child’s room
has been forcefully opened. Maybe, when Barkha brought
tea for them she understood their
intentions. And she tried to lock
herself in the room. Sir, by looking at all this,
it appears like the attacker wanted
to commit theft. Barkha’s phone, jewellery,
everything is missing. And, sir. The door of the
cupboard in the other room is also open. The stuffs
are all scattered. Doctor. How is Pihu? There’s nothing to worry. Your daughter fell unconscious
due to dehydration and fear. We have treated her. She will regain consciousness. Can I meet her? You can’t meet her right now. It would take some time
to regain consciousness. Thank you, Doctor. Do you doubt anyone? Who can commit such a crime? Sir, I don’t have any enmity
with anyone. Often, friendship becomes more
dangerous than enmity. The murderers entered
the house easily. Barkha had prepared tea
for them. Maybe, Barkha sensed their
intentions. That’s why, she had locked
herself in the room. And maybe, she was scared
that they might kill the child. So, she locked Pihu in
the cupboard. But, sir. What would someone achieve
by killing my wife and daughter? Only they can say that. Tell me one thing. Why didn’t you inform
the police since two days? Sir, it hadn’t happened for
the first time. Barkha had switched her phone
many a times before. Whenever she would get upset
with me she used to switch her phone
off. And we got into an argument
two days ago as well. There’s a different ways to live
life, Barkha. Longer the life seems,
smaller it is. And we are wasting the precious
moments of our life. Then, what shall we do? Shall I ruin the life which
is left? Don’t you know I suffer
from asthma? And mother-in-law. I haven’t met her yet. But, as per the conversations
we have had it appears like I won’t survive
if I stay with her. Don’t worry about mom. She is not bad at heart. But, Delhi’s pollution? Don’t you know how polluted
the city is? It would be difficult for me
to breathe. And Pihu. Think about Pihu. Look, if we stay together.. Wait a minute, Prakash. If you wanted to stay with us,
you’d have taken a transfer and come to Mumbai long ago. Come here if you want to stay
together. Or else,
do whatever you want to. I’m hanging up.
– B-Barkha. When Barkha
used to do this before what made you come to Mumbai
this time? Sir, whenever she used to
switch her phone off I’d ask Ms. Kavita staying next
door to make me speak to her. But, when Ms. Kavita went
to her house this time Barkha was not at home. Then, I called up Rashi.
She said that she is also not in Mumbai. Sir, I was frightened. That’s why, I came down
to Mumbai. Hello. – Dear, you
didn’t call after going there. Is everything all right there? Nothing is all right, Dad. Dad, come here quickly. Yes.. But, dear.
What’s the matter? Tell me. Dad, Barkha is no more. Barkha is no more! W-What are you saying,
Prakash? And Pihu is also in
the hospital. Dear, take care of yourself
and Pihu. We’ll come over as soon
as possible. Dad, please come quickly. Yes, dear.. What happened? He said that Barkha is no more. Did you inform Barkha’s parents? Sir, Barkha didn’t have anyone
else other than me in this world. Her parents died in a train
accident 12 years ago. Then, how did you meet Barkha? I mean, how you both
got married? Sir, Barkha was the receptionist
at the hotel I was staying. Yes. Okay.
Okay, sir. Thank you. Excuse me, sir. Excuse me. Don’t you know it’s a wrong
thing to click a girl’s photograph? How can click my photograph? Is it? Check it. I’m sorry, sir. Apology won’t help. What do you mean? You have to get my room
ready quickly. Please. Sure, sir. Thank you. That was the first time
we met. Then, I got job in Mumbai. We started meeting each
other. Then, we decided to tie
the knot. You parents agreed for
the wedding? No, sir. Barkha didn’t have anybody
else in this world. That’s why, they didn’t agree. There’s injury on her nails
and fingers. It appears like she tried
to pull something by applying a lot of strength. She might have tried to open
the window to shout for help. Watchman. Mom.. When did she die? She has been killed on 12th
around 12 to 5 p.m. And, sir. Her neck has been
slit by knife. My guess was right. Barkha died two days ago. Sir,
the CCTV footage of the building is not
working since two weeks. Even the watchman didn’t see
anybody coming or going. Sir, normally his shift
is of 12 hours but he goes for lunch and also goes to
the terrace to fill water. The residents
should understand that
his job is to guard the gates. Maybe the killers took
advantage of this and went in. I’ve an idea. Find out
if anybody’s CCTV cameras are angled towards
the building gate. – Okay, sir. Sir, I still have
my suspicions on Prakash. Prakash and Barkha are staying
separately since a year. Maybe during this time, Prakash
was having an affair or even Barkha
was having an affair and Prakash came
to know about it. All these possibilities
cannot be ruled out, Kulkarni. Did you speak to Rashi? Yes, sir.
She is in Ahmedabad and is coming
to Mumbai tomorrow. Barka was a good friend
of Rashi’s. Maybe Rashi knows everything. Do something else for me. Retrieve Prakash and Barkha’s
call records. – Okay, sir. Ms. Kavita, since when do you
know Prakash and Barkha? They were staying here
since three years. Since then, I know them. How was their relationship? They used to love
each other very much. Ever since Prakash
went to Delhi Barkha used to stay upset. A couple of days, she
didn’t even speak to him. I thought this time,
the usual nagging.. But.. When Prakash went to Delhi did someone used
to come and meet Barkha? I mean, any woman or man..
– No. Barkha was very reserved. She used to spend
time with her daughter only. Only when they used
to fight with each other we used to talk to each other. And over the phone,
I used to make them patch up. You mean, nobody used to come
and meet Barkha? Not also her relatives?
– No. The poor soul didn’t
have anybody of her own. Her parents had gone
to Kedarnath where they died
in a bus accident. Her parents died 12 years
ago in a train accident. Sir, according to Prakash,
Barkha’s parents died in a train accident
but according to Kavita they died in Haridwar
in a bus accident. Sir, how should we find out,
who is telling the truth? Maybe both of them
are telling the truth because what will they gain
if they lie in this matter? In fact,
Barkha was lying. Years ago,
she told a lie to Prakash and now,
she cooked up a story about her parents’
death to Ms. Kavita. Maybe, sir. But what will Barkha gain
by telling lies? Kulkarni, Prakash had said,
he met Barkha in a hotel where she used to work. Find out about Barkha
from that hotel. – Okay, sir. Hello. Okay. We’ll be there.
Okay. This was a call
from the hospital. Pihu has come back
to her senses. – Let’s go! Girl, how are you feeling now? Look.
What we got for you. Take it. Tell me something, dear. We found you
in a cupboard. How did you get in there? Are you able to
recollect anything? Where is mom? Where.. Where is mom? Pihu..
– I need to go to her! Dear.. – Mom.. Dear, dad is here for you.
Don’t be scared. Where is mom?
– Don’t be afraid. I want to see mom.
– Dad is here. Calm down.
– Mr. Prakash. Please ask her as her testimony
is important for us. Where is mom?
I want to go to her. Mom.. – Pihu,
please calm down. I want to go to mom.
– Dad is with you, okay. It’s all right.
However, at least tell us before marriage in which
hotel did Barkha work. Yes, sir. Six years ago,
a girl named Barkha used to work in this hotel
as a receptionist. What information
would you like to know? Where did Barkha hail from?
– I don’t know, sir. When Barkha was employed here she must’ve submitted some
of her documents. – Yes, sir. After verification
of our employees we keep their documents
in a file. We need to
go through that file. I’ll get it right away, sir. Sir, the hotel where Barkha
used to work before marriage we got information that she
hailed from Unnao in Kanpur. And when I contacted
the Unnao Police they said, 12 years ago Barkha eloped with
a person called Nandan Singh. Nandan Singh. After Barkha’s death, the police
got such an information on her life which gave
a new angle to this case. Twelve years ago,
Barkha eloped with a person called Nandan Singh
from a village near Unnao and came to Mumbai. But after that,
what happened in Barkha’s life.. Where did Nandan
and Barkha separated ways.. And why was Barkha lying to her
husband and acquaintances.. All of these
was still a mystery. A person lies out of compulsion or also when
he or she does something wrong. Then, what was the reason
which made Barkha lie? After all,
what was the truth? Did Barkha ever mentioned
about Nandan? Nandan.. No, sir. I don’t anybody
by the name of Nandan. Who is he? Barkha has kept a lot
of facts hidden from you. First, her parents are alive.
– What! Secondly, she hailed
from Unnao near Kanpur. Twelve years ago, she had
an affair with Nandan. And she eloped with him
and came here. What.. What are you saying,
sir? Barkha.. You really don’t know
anything about Barkha? No, sir, I don’t even know
that Barkha’s parents are alive. S-Sir, I’m telling you. Barkha
can’t say such a lie to me. You have been lied to. Now we have to find out
who else is lying. Sir, a new chapter
of Nandan has begun here. I don’t know where this
story is going to end. Pal, Prakash doesn’t seem
to know anything about Nandan. Sir, all the suspicions
are directed towards Nandan right now. Kulkarni, go to Unnao
and investigate what happened in Barkha
and Nandan’s life. I too feel that Barkha’s death
is connected to Unnao. Okay, sir. Prakash.. Don’t be afraid, dear. Don’t fear, dear,
we are your grandparents. Dad, it might be because she’s
meeting you for the first time. Barkha wouldn’t allow her
to leave the house much. She wouldn’t speak
to the neighbours and didn’t allow
Pihu to do it either. Only people who have
something to hide do that. And the police told you
everything about Barkha right, Prakash? Do you know now what
kind of woman she was? She married you by lying..
– Please, Mom! What’s the use of silencing me? Will the transpired
events change? This is what should
have happened to Barkha. She reaped what she sowed. She died and left you alone! Look, you have
whole life ahead of you. Veena.. – This is result
of you silencing me. I’m his mother! I wouldn’t intend
bad things for him! I didn’t say that you don’t
want what’s good for him. A bad thing has happened! Her mother has done it! Mom.. Pihu! What was that? Prakash..
She’s a kid, it’s okay. Why are you scolding her when
your mother isn’t mature enough? Awadh, he is Mr. Kulkarni
from Mumbai. They are Nandan’s parents. Sir.. We really
don’t know where he is. Sir.. We’ve already paid the
price of giving birth to him. He has already
been dead for me! Look, don’t be afraid,
we just want to talk to you about Nandan and Barkha. Sir.. Why are you
opening old wounds? Look, you might not know
but Barkha has been murdered. Sir, what can we do about it? Our life has already become very troublesome due
to those two. Sir.. – You’ll be
locked up here! Listen to me, sir..
– Do you think that you father and sons will take my daughter
away and I’ll just sit over here without doing anything? Rot in here unless
my daughter is not back. Sir, I’ve not done anything.
I’m telling the truth. What case do I lodge on him? Make it a case of kidnapping. Sir, don’t.. Don’t do it, sir!
– Sir.. Let my son go, sir. His career will be ruined, sir. He has an interview for
job in the bank tomorrow, sir. Let him go.. I.. – Bring my daughter to me
and take your son with you. Sir, don’t.. Please, sir..
Listen to me, sir.. Sir, even the enemies
may not get such children. My elder son, Keval was about
to get a job in the bank. He couldn’t even
give the interview. My daughter’s
wedding was called off. I don’t know.. I don’t know
how many days we’ve spent under the terror of Shambu. Sir, Barkha’s father, Shambu,
used to be the head constable at that time. It is true
that he abused his job. But even though he did
everything, there was no news of Barkha and Nandan. Shambu abused his job, yet no
action was taken against him? He was suspended just
as sir came to know about it. But, like they, say,
time heals all wounds. Keval, who he once
had beat up and imprisoned. He’s working with him
in a finance company. They are pretty acquainted. Rashi, you were
called two days ago and you’re coming now. Sir, actually,
I had gone to Ahmedabad. I had important work
there so I had to stay. Your friend was murdered.. Anyhow, you didn’t come
even after you found out. How long have you
known Barkha for? For about 10-11 years now. Sir, we used to live
together in the hostel. In all these years,
did she ever tell you that she was already married? What do you mean? I mean, she had already married
once before marrying Prakash. Sir, I don’t know
anything about that. This is the first time
I’m hearing about this. So Barkha hid
this from you too. When was the last
time you spoke to Barkha? A day before
the incident, at night. What did you speak about? About me going to Ahmedabad. Tell me. How were things
between Barkha and Prakash? Sir, they were a happy couple. They were far away from
each other when Prakash was transferred to Delhi but
their love didn’t diminish. Did anyone come to meet Barkha
after Prakash went to Delhi? I mean, her first husband,
Nandan, or someone else.. Sir, I don’t know
anything about this. Did Prakash have any affair
with another girl? Or Barkha was suspicious
of this.. Or she might have said anything
about this to you.. No, sir. – Okay, you may leave.
And inform us before leaving the city. Okay, sir. Sir.. Prakash and Barkha’s call
records have arrived. Did you find anything which
might be useful for us? Sir, this doesn’t contain
any number they used to talk more often to. Prakash and
Barkha never spoke so much. Barkha murder case had
come to a halt in one place. Barkha had concealed
her past from everyone. Nandan, whom she had eloped
with, was nowhere to be found. What was the reason
of them separating since they had made enemies
out of their own family for their love. Police believed that Barkha
might have been killed on 12th March,
2017 but her murder could be connected to events
that happened 12 years ago. Police suspected
Prakash as well. What if he had found out
about Barkha’s past. Police was investigating
every possibility closely but they hadn’t found
any clue so far. Among the many faces
of love and hatred Barkha’s daughter
was searching for her mother. Her mother appeared before
her but for the last time. Mom.. Mom! Mom.. Why are you sleeping like this?
Mom.. Why are you
laying like this? Mom.. Mom, open your eyes! Mom.. Mom.. Mom! Mom! Mom.. Mom, open your eyes! Mom, open your eyes! Let go of me! Mom.. – The name of
Ram is the truth. – The name.. Stop. Stop. May her soul
rest in peace. – Mom. You have taken the loan. Why didn’t you pay
the installments? Are you finding it difficult
to pay the installments? It’s been two months. You have not paid a
single installment. Why? I’ll pay it. Hello.
– Hello, Mr. Shambhu. This is PSI Yadav
from Unnao Police Station. You and your partner,
Keval have to come
to the station. It’s a matter of time, sir. Even I used to come here proudly
wearing the uniform. But I had to come here like this
today. You would be proud
even today if you hadn’t misused
your uniform. Forget it. Come to the point. Why have you called me?
Tell me. The point is,
Barkha has been murdered. I’m sad to know this. But I’m not shocked. Who has killed Barkha? Was it Nandan? The investigation
is going on. Even we are suspecting
Nandan. No, sir. Nandan
cannot kill her. He loved her a lot, sir. Barkha left Nandan
12 years ago and married
somebody else. How could a woman
be loyal to Nandan when she was not loyal
to her dad? Sir, if it is true
that Barkha has left Nandan then I’m sure that Nandan
might have killed her. How dare you? How dare you? Where is my
daughter? If you touch her.. I am not killing you today. But if you look at her
after this I will kill your brother, dad
and family. I will kill everyone. Get up. Get up.
Be careful. Did you hear
how he threatend us before leaving? Think about us at least if not about yourself. I won’t get scared
of his threats. Nobody can separate me
from my Barkha. Are you out of your mind? You’ll fall in trouble
and cause problems for us too. How can you be so selfish? Brother, you have never been
in love. So, you won’t understand. Sir, Nandan was well aware that he is putting
his family in trouble. He chose his love
against his family. Sir, just think how much he must have
loved Barkha. Yes, Kulkarni. Sir, Nandan
and Barkha have not been in touch
with their families from the past six years. Sir, more than
honour killing this looks like
a case of revenge and betrayal because Nandan’s
younger brother, Keval, told us that Nandan was
madly in love with Barkha. If he was madly
in love with her I’m sure his revenge
can also be dangerous. Do one thing.
Come back and send
a photo of Nandan. Let’s find him. Okay, sir. Okay, Mr. Yadav.
Thank you. Have you seen
this man anywhere? No, sir. I
have not seen him. Have you seen this man
earlier? Yes, sir. I had seen him
two months ago. Do one thing.
You get down here. I’ll park the car and come. Leave me. Leave me.
Leave me. Who was he? Where did he go? – I
don’t know who he was. He came all of a sudden
and held my hand. He started
misbehaving with me. I was about to scream,
but he ran away. Come on, let’s go
to the police station. We should complain
against such people. No, Prakash. – They
should get punished. Let’s go.
– No, stop. We shouldn’t go to
the police station. Leave it. There’s no point in chasing
such people. Forget it.
Let’s go home. But Barkha..
– Let’s go home. Let’s go home.
Please. But who is he, sir? Nandan,
Barkha’s first husband. What? Send Nandan’s photos
to all our informers. Get the call records
of his family too. Okay, sir. Sir, he might be
in touch with somebody from his village
or his family. Kulkarni, move
the focus to Nandan. There is a possibility that
he might have killed Nandan. Okay, sir. You don’t worry, okay? You sleep with me
in my room. Ms. Veena, is Prakash at home? Yes.
Prakash. Come, Rashi. Mom, she is Rashi,
Barkha’s friend. Greetings, Mr. Kuldeep. Greetings, Rashi. Pihu, did you have food? What happened, Mom? What happened? She seems to be a good girl. Get married to her. Mom, Barkha died
a few days ago and you.. What do I do then? How long will
your dad and I live? I just want you
to marry a good girl. You even have
a daughter now. Who will give you their
daughter in marriage to you? Mom, I don’t want
to get married. Yes, sir. Where is your wife? What happened, sir? Did she make any mistake? You told us
that none of you are in touch with Nandan. But your wife talks to him
every week. No, sir. How is this possible? How can she talk to him? I have checked
everyone’s call details. We found a number
from Mumbai from her call records. Tell me, whom in Mumbai
was she talking to? Mumbai? Yes, sir. That is Nandan’s number
itself. I am in touch with him. And you hid this
from all of us. Yes, I didn’t tell you. You guys used to blame him
for everything. You guys can see
your problems, but not mine. None of you can understand
a mother’s pain. When was the last time
you spoke to Nandan? Sir, I spoke to him
on the 08th of March. But his phone was
not reachable after that. Please find out whether
my son is all right. Sir, the number given by
Unnao Police was Nandan’s. I have found out
his address. Sir, the house is locked
and it is stinking too. Break the lock. I’m sure that even Barkha
and Nandan had an idea that their love would reach
such a disastrous end. Nandan’s body was lying
in front of the police when he himself was
the suspect of Barkha’s murder. The police had
a long list of questions. Who had murdered
these people? Were both of them murdered
by the same person or two different people? Who took revenge with Barkha
and Nandan after 12 years? Now, the police suspected
Prakash, Keval, Shambhu and those thieves who had come to murder Barkha
in the name of robbery. But the question was
still the same. Who among them
was the murderer? We’ll find some shocking answers
tomorrow in the second and
final chapter of this case. On that note, I,
Anup Soni, will take your leave. We will meet again in
the next episode. Till then, take care
of yourself and your family and keep watching
‘Crime Patrol, Dial 100’. Punishment to a criminal
serves as a lesson to all. ‘Jai Hind’!


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