Christmas gift for him: testing the GM60, XPE450, pico projector

Christmas gift for him: testing the GM60, XPE450, pico projector

Hi everybody, today in the cup of coffe we
find a projector that I bought on Amazon and I guess it could be a perfect gift
for Christmas or for any other celebration. I am talking about the Stoga GM60 that is
a portable projector you can find on Amazon for a price around 60 or 70 pounds… well,
a really good price for a gift isn’t it? Just imagine the face of the person you love
when you will give this projector for Christmas. “A projector? Really? Are you crazy! This
must be really really expensive!” Well, it’s not.
I must admit that my first thought was “Ok, I have wasted my money” but after a couple
of weeks of intensive use at my office and at home I think it’s perfect! Of course,
it’s perfect if you’re not looking for a perfect image or a perfect quality!
So, let’s start with a test drive of this projector. The GM60 has a lot of ports to
input the video signal. On the left we have the SDcard, two USB, the HDMI, the AV and
the audio port in which you can connect a speaker. On the back there is also a VGA port if you want to connect an old computer
or… I don’t know… The design is fine and the dimensions are
actually small: 15 for 18 centimeters and you can put it inside your bag with no problem.
Do you have George Martins’ A game of thrones book? Well, dimensions and weight are the
same. But, anyway, it’s time to see it at works,
so, let me get the remote control and switch it on.
This is the LED light that comes from the projector. The first thing you will notice
will be a noisy rumor that comes from it. It’s the sound of fan and it’s something
like…. yes, it’s a bit noisy but when you start a video the audio will
cover this noise, so, it’s not a big problem. But the most important thing in a projector
is the ability to watch something. So, this is how it works with all lights of the room
completely turned on. And this is what you see. This means that
even if you like to watch a movie with some lights around you this will be possible with
this projector. Switched off the lights and the room is completely
dark. Welcome to my personal theater. The GM60 has also a basic media center inside
that allows you to decide which port you want to open so, PC-RGB, HDMI, AV, USB or the SDCARD.
Here you can decide what kind of media you want to stream, if a movie, a song, a photo
or a text if you want to see a document on the screen.
Ok, now let’s move on to the HDMI port because I have connected my computer here and we are
about to watch a video about Cristiano Ronaldo in High definition so you can have an idea
of the quality of the image. Oh, I was about to forget: at the HDMI I have
connected a tv Dongle such as the Haier smart key and it works perfectly. So, I guess if you want
you can connect other devices such as the Kindle Fire tv Stick or a Chromecast or the
Apple tv or the Now tv boxset, whatever you like, I guess. So, this is the video. I have used this projector
since its arrival for hours and I really think it could be perfect for Christmas or for Saint
Valentine, for example. You can give a diamond ring, of course, or you can give this projector
and transform your room in a magic theater maybe with a dinner in bed. That’s amazing,
isn’t it. So, I hope you have enjoyed this video. I
am sorry if I haven’t spent a single word about the specifications but I am not a technician
so, I don’t want to say something badly. I wanted to show you how this works, and it
works fine. However, if you want to read the specification you can read it on my blog that is
Anyway, if you decide to give this projector to someone you love and he or she won’t
like it, well, please don’t contact me! I’m joking. Thank you for your attention,
and bye bye!


  • Valter Sousa

    December 15, 2015

    Cheerlux C6 is better, in everything. 
    Comparation here:

  • marky mark

    December 25, 2015

    Great review what colour/contrast settings do you use to get the best picture possible on yours? Thanks

  • Prashant Sawhney

    March 6, 2016

    wht waz the screen size u used in the video…or wht will be best screen size for vivid colors and clarity..on gm60…plz reply..

  • yougotit96

    April 6, 2016

    Your voice is interesting


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