Camera FV-5 Tutorial

Camera FV-5 Tutorial

Welcome to this Camera FV-5 tutorial. In this video you will gain insight into
the application settings and parameters. Here you can find the
application settings then the exposure program modes and here at the
bottom we can find some very important parameters
for the photo, like white balance focus modes light metering modes ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation. I will explain later how to
change all this setitngs. This is the photo capture
button, but you can use the shutter key as well
if your device has one. To trigger the autofocus system, tap on
the screen or half-press the shutter key. The photo parameters
are, from left to right, aperture, exposure time expressed
in fractions of seconds, and ISO sensitivity. The ISO sensitivity can be
changed by using the ISO toolbar located at the
bottom of the viewfinder. The number in square
brackets indicate the number of remaining shots in the
current selected media. And the last number indicates the
number of shots pending to be written. The plus/minus icon opens the
exposure compensation toolbar. Then, with the plus and minus buttons,
we can adjust the exposure time relative to the correct exposure
time calculated by the camera. When we are done, to dismiss
this dialog and others as well, just tap outside it. As we said before, to
adjust the ISO sensitivity, we can do this by using the
ISO sensitivity toolbar. Here we can choose
from 100 to 1600 or activate ISO automatic. Once we have chosen a value we will
see the changes reflected instantly although in this particular bright scene
we are not going to see the difference. Light metering modes are useful to
determine which part of the photo is going to be taken into account
to calculate the right exposure. Matrix, center and spot are the
three different choices available. Centered uses only the central part of the
frame to calculate the right exposure, where spot uses just the
focus rectangle area. Matrix, the default mode, uses the whole
frame area to calculate the right exposure. There are different focus modes
available in Camera FV-5 depending on which
model you have. Those focus modes are auto-focus… …macro… …touch focus… …infinity focus… …plus an autofocus lock toggle. Macro mode will let you
focus on closer objects but it will work with
other distances as well. Automatic focus is the default mode and will
let you focus on any object on the scene. Infinity focus mode will
disable the automatic focusing and will make far away objects
to remain always in focus. Finally touch focus mode lets you
choose which object should be in focus. To do so, tap on the screen to
move the focus rectangle position. The focus lock toggle prevents accidental
focus changes by locking the screen. When the focus lock is active tapping on the screen doesn’t
change the focus position thus preventing accidental focus changes
while other parameters are being adjusted. While in touch focus mode, coming back to
autofocus mode resets the touch focus rectangle. White balance let you compensate lighting
conditions of different color temperatures. You can choose from some presets
like sunny or cloudy conditions, or just choose automatic white balance
to let the application decide which situation is the right for you. Of course, you can choose the
wrong white balance setting, if you want to create a warm or
colder sensation for your photo.


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