BETA 85 PRO 2 – real racing review – multi-camera  indoor  outdoor  punch out

BETA 85 PRO 2 – real racing review – multi-camera indoor outdoor punch out

Hello all, i am MOMO RACER today we are going to test the BETA 85 PRO2 a little machine wich can fly it small space with security so we are on a 85mm frame with 2″ props motors are 1103 11000kv from beta fpv only 42g with an external rx a fr-sky xm light and compact well adapted for this nano so here we have a good space it’s bigger than in a house it’s like a gymnasium with a lot of stuff inside nice, it will be more technical we need to take care too even if it’s light and quite flex it’s more safe than any other carbon racer without props guards let’s go it’s very reactiv, we can slalom everwhere of course, flying fast in your kitchen wil be more difficult but if you have a big volume it’s very good braking is effective the frame is quite flex as the 75 pro 2 but rigidity is enough we will notice some little propwash on big braking only in outdoor after matching the limits so the machin can evolve in tight corridors without any problem we don’t need large space to turn it’s a real super whoop it’s really easy to pilot it’s very pleasant to pilot moreover the 300mah 2s lipo gives a better autonomy than 2 x 1s lipo we had on the 75P RO2 now we can go faster with more space the machin is locked with a big reactivity let’s go for a outdoor punch out session it’s very fast not so far from toothpicks and other light nano racers with 65mm props we have areal good punch vmax will be under but reactivity, on a such space is really impressive in the garden, it’s a real pleasure we have a better feeling than a 75 pro 2 or any other 75mm whoop we have a better stability sensations are better of course, wind is off tonight it’s very, very nice i hope you have enjoyed this beta 85 pro 2 review it will be a real success this summer in winter it’s perfect if you have a indoor spot as a gymanisum or a big house it’s perfect too for garden, parks i didn’t expected this machin a light 2″ format in 2s with only 40g to 42g if external rx moreover design is very good but canopy is still very weak it’s light but we may improve this point in the future camera is quite good in indoor conditions so a good job from beta fpv staff it’s perfect for competitors or beginners you will see the full article on fpv passion see you soon for a next review


  • Alex Moil

    December 10, 2019

    Garden master yes, j en ai construit un et c vraiment ça


    December 11, 2019

    C'est pas un model que tu as déjà présenté ? 😒
    Idée tu devrais démonter le canopy et montrer l'intérieur.
    D'ailleurs canopy fragile ou pas ?


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