Best Vlogging Camera – 15 Potential Vlog Cameras

Best Vlogging Camera – 15 Potential Vlog Cameras

– In this video, I’m going through some of the best vlogging
cameras that you can get for your vlogging adventure
and I’m not doing it alone. I have a group of friends with me and we’re all talking about
the cameras that we use and some tips to, wow. (dramatic music) – Yo, bro.
– Yo, what’s up? Check it out, it’s Josh
from MAKE. ART. NOW.. – Oh, did I interrupt you? – Okay so I teamed up
with a group of vloggers and we’re all talking about
the cameras that we use and some things that you need to consider when you’re out vlogging. I gotta see this camera. – I broke the screen so you can now hinge it
all the way backwards. Don’t even needed the
a6400, you got this one. – Guys, if you’re new here,
my name is Jeven Dovey, I do a lot of filmmaking
tutorials, YouTube training, and I actually started my channel by just doing tons and tons of vlogs. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications so you don’t miss any of these tutorials. Now the reason that I pulled
in a bunch of my friends to see their vlogging
setups is to show you guys that it really doesn’t
matter what you shoot on because at the end of the day what matters is the content
that you’re shooting and out of all of this I
just want you to get inspired and see what different people are using to hopefully find ways to
either upgrade your kit, build your kit or just
think of different things that you could use to
potentially vlog with. Now for me I’ve been
shooting on the Olympus E-M1X and that’s what you saw on the intro here. And the reason is the autofocus. The autofocus on this camera is amazing and I come from the
Micro Four Thirds world, so this camera that I’m
shooting on right now for in my office is the Panasonic GH5 and this is my go-to camera
for everything that I shoot. However, the autofocus isn’t that good so when I’m out vlogging, I’ve now switched over
to the Olympus E-M1X which yes this is a more expensive camera, it’s not gonna appeal
to everyone out there. However, it works very well for vlogging, it’s got face detect, it’s
got all of that good stuff so your shot is always in focus and you don’t really
have to worry about it. So my friends Eric and Allison
are traveling the world, their channel is The Endless Adventure and they are non-stop vlogging. So let’s hear from them on
the cameras that they use and they also have some
awesome tips for you for when you’re out vlogging. – Thanks a lot, Jeven for
having us in the video. For everyone watching
right now, my name is Eric. – And I am Allison, and our channel is The Endless Adventure. – And our content is focused
on just traveling the world, showing off the most unique foods and unique places that we can find. When we first started vlogging,
we started on a Canon G7 X which is a little point-and-shoot camera and it was a great tool to start with but since then we’ve always
been trying different cameras, we went through maybe six
different cameras at this point and what we finally
settled on is the camera that we’re filming with
right now, the Sony a7III. The first thing that I love
about this camera is the size. Now of course it’s a lot bigger than the Canon G7 X that we started on but it’s also much smaller
than a classic DSLR. – And I love the autofocus on this camera. On our previous ones, I wear glasses when I’m not wearing my contacts,
especially on travel days and it would never find me in a shot. I was always blurry and I always
ruined so many shots for us but this one is amazing.
– Never had a problem since we switched to this one. – Another thing we love is
the battery life on this. We used to go through how
many batteries in a day? – I’d go through three
or four batteries a day. – At least and now we go
through one, not even one. – Yeah. – We don’t even get through
this full battery in a day. – The other thing I love
is that with this camera, it creates amazing 4K video,
has 120 fps slow motion, all that good stuff but it’s
also an amazing photo camera. I think it’s 24 megapixel so you can get really high quality photos but also easily switch to video mode when you’re kinda running and gunning and vlogging on the fly. As far as audio goes, we use this camera with a RODE VideoMicro which
is this tiny microphone that’s under $100 USD, it’s
not the greatest microphone but it doesn’t require an external battery and as you can hear the
audio is decent on it. There’s one other small thing I wanna mention about our setup, we always make sure that
we have a solid wrist strap attached to the camera and
I’ve seen other vloggers walking around without
the wrist strap on there and to each their own but for us if we’re ever holding the camera,
we have the wrist strap on because with a camera this expensive, you don’t wanna take any chances. I also carry the Peak Design
Capture Clip on my belt everywhere I go to keep
my camera nice and secure. – So on to the dislikes. The first big one is
that this does not have a flip-out screen and
it flips up but not out so we don’t ever actually
know what we look like. – But Sony just came out with the a6400 which is a smaller camera
than this with a crop sensor but it does have a fully flip out screen. – So while this sucker
is lighter than a DSLR, it does get pretty heavy
which is really unfortunate when we’re trying to
do long talking spots, poor Eric’s arm gets wiggly or
when I’m trying to film stuff and I don’t have as much strength, it can really wear you down after a while. – Yeah, we’ve also got a pretty large hefty lens on this thing so
if you get a lighter lens, it might not be that big of an issue. But if you do want something lighter, go with the Sony a6300 or
the a6400 that I mentioned. We actually carry around an a6300 as our secondary camera and we love it. The low-light performance on
this camera is pretty good. Now the camera we had before
this was the Sony a7S II and that one’s kinda known for its awesome low-light performance and it really was great in low-light. So it was a bit of a quality
hit that we had to take by switching to this one but
it has so many more features like the autofocus and stuff like that that I think it was worth it. So it just depends on what’s
most important for you. – Yeah we’re not night owls anyway so it’s not that big of a deal. – So those are our likes and dislikes about the Sony a7III that we use but we also wanna run through
some of the other gear that we carry as well. So we already mentioned the a6300 that we carry as our secondary camera but we also have a GoPro HERO7 for the action shots
and the underwater shots and of course we have our
tiny little DJI Spark drone. It might not produce
the best video quality but it’s small and it’s light
and it gets the job done. – Our biggest tip for people that are just starting out vlogging is to not feel like you have to be a natural at vlogging when you start. – Yeah definitely, when
we first started out, we were super awkward on camera. – [Allison] The only thing I said for our first year was yeah. I didn’t know how to
interact with the camera. – I think the main thing is to work on having your personality show through. One trick that we use is
when I looked at the camera, it can be really intimidating but I just tried to envision
like my mom or my best friend or something which at that point were the only people watching anyway. But don’t feel like it’s a skill that you have to be a natural at, you know, it’s something
that you can learn because we were not naturals at all, we just had to learn it as we went. – Just don’t put too much
pressure on yourself, just have fun, you’ll get better, you’ll look back, it’ll be
cringey and that’s totally fine, it means you’re doing it right. – All right, back to you Jeven. – So I know a lot of you are Sony fans and one of the biggest issues
when it comes to vlogging with a Sony camera is that you
don’t have a flip-out screen. Now Josh here found a solution to that and I want you to see his setup because this is interesting for sure. – This is what you should not do. Unless you have a robust
insurance plan, don’t do this. But I basically bent
the hinges on my camera so now the monitor instead
of stopping right there, I can now bend it all the way
over and I vlog upside down. It sounds stupid but let’s try. Oh yeah totally works, I
have face tracking locked on. This was just a simple five-minute tweak, bending the hinges and making the monitor go pretty much backwards. And to be honest with you,
when I did it a month ago, I didn’t think it was
gonna work out that well and after shooting on it, on
all three of my Sony cameras without any issues it’s
worked out really, really well and in post all I have to do
is just rotate it 180 degrees. And I think it works great. – Hey, it works great if
you are a Sony shooter, you already have these cameras now, I’m not gonna suggest you go and do this because you are ruining your camera but Josh does have a video
all about this on his channel. So if this is something that you wanna do and you already have this camera, then I will link down to it down below. Now if you’re looking for
a cheap vlogging setup, I recently reviewed the Canon
M50 and personally I think that this is a perfect starter vlog camera because the autofocus is really good, it’s a super lightweight
camera, super easy to use. However, the one downside with it is that you can only really shoot 1080p. The 4K doesn’t work that
well because it’s cropped in, you got this crazy jello effect going on but if you’re looking
for a starter vlog camera then the Canon M50 is
a great place to start and my buddy Jon Barr uses it all the time and he highly recommends this camera. – Thank you, Jeven. I’ve had the M50 for 10
months now and let me say upgrading from the tiny
point-and-shoot camera that I had for the first two
years of my YouTube career, this has been a game changer for me. It’s small, it’s compact,
it’s just one pound. I can take it anywhere in the world and it’s not gonna bother my back when I’ve got a backpack on,
I’m using an 11-22 right now. I love the flip screen, I
would never get a camera that does not have a flip
screen where I can adjust myself and set up shots just right. For me the Canon M50 is the
best portable vlogging camera. Thanks a lot, Jeven. – I think one of the things
that you need to think about when you’re vlogging
is you wanna focus more on the content that you’re shooting. I said this at the beginning,
focus on the content, not the gear so much. So if you are just
starting out in this world and you’re just starting to learn cameras and everything that goes
into shooting content, then picking a camera that’s easier to use is going to help you develop
your skills as a vlogger. So starting with something
like the Canon M50 or just your phone is
the best way to start. You can vlog using your phone,
you can vlog using a GoPro. I spent two weeks in Thailand
and I completely vlogged only using my GoPro which worked great because I was more focused on the content that I was shooting even though I did have a bigger Sony camera
with me when I was there, I used that for just
like some B-roll shots but focused more on just capturing the vlog content using a GoPro. Now my friends over at the WAY AWAY are also traveling the world so I got some more tips for
you from Ashley and Josh. (upbeat music) ♪ I’ve been waiting for the
chance to prove myself ♪ ♪ Take the wheel, hit the gas ♪ ♪ Gonna raise some hell ♪ – Thanks, Jeven, we’re Josh and Ashley and we run a travel YouTube
channel called the WAY AWAY. – We’ve been traveling around the world for about four years now since 2015. We usually focus on Europe but right now. – We are in Bangkok, Thailand. ♪ Can’t stop me now ♪ – So the camera that we use to record with is the Panasonic GH5, I
have a Rode Studio Mic Pro+ as the microphone, we also have a GoPro, sometimes we use this iPhone
here which is an iPhone XR. And as you can see I’m walking,
it’s not too bad shaky. We also have a DJI Mavic Air which is fantastic for drone shots and that’s about it as far as cameras go. (upbeat music) ♪ All I can see ♪ – We have stopped for one
of our favorite things here in Thailand, some Thai iced tea, it’s delicious and refreshing
and perfect for right now. We wanna talk about a few different things about our camera startup
that we really like. One of the things that I really appreciate is that it has a flip-out screen and we can be sure to frame everything the way that we want. – [Josh] So it’s not a shot
of our chins or our nose. – [Ashley] Yeah, another thing
is that when we film slo-mo, you can actually play it back in slo-mo– – [Josh] It’s real slow-mo. – [Ashley] Amazing, I love that part. And lastly, for a really good camera, it’s a fairly light camera.
– Yeah. – [Ashley] And our lens is fairly light as well which is helpful. – As the person doing the filming, one of the things that I really appreciate is that one battery can
usually last me all day, I don’t have to carry around
tons of extra batteries. The lenses and the body
itself work in tandem to do stabilization so
even if I’m moving around, it’s not gonna be super shaky. Another thing is that the
camera itself is weather-sealed and it has a ruggedized metal body meaning it can take a few knocks and it can get splashed
or rained on a little bit and it’ll be okay.
– Which it has. – It has 422/10 megabit,
400 megabits per second, 10-bit file size which
basically just means about as good as you can get without going crazy overboard. It’s not the best but I
think it’s probably the best in class for the price and the
style of camera that it is. And as much as I do love this camera, there are a few things that are negative. Despite it being in my
opinion the best in class, here are some cons that I wrote down. Autofocus is bad while recording. If you need autofocus, it’s not very good. A lot of the native lenses are fly-by-wire meaning it’s not fully mechanical, it’s hard to manually focus too. You gotta be very precise,
it’s not great in the dark, low light isn’t very good. It has a very small
Micro Four Thirds sensor meaning it’s hard to get a wide-angle lens and one last thing is you
can’t charge it over USB, you can only charge the battery
with it out of the camera. So when you’re out of batteries, you either have to swap a new
battery in or you’re just out. (upbeat music) So those are our thoughts
on the GH5 specifically but we thought it’d be good to try and give you guys a tip in
terms of travel vlogging. It can be really easy to
go overboard on B-roll, basically just pretty shots and music. People are watching your vlogs
for you and your experience and your personality, it’s
not about pretty shots. They serve a purpose but
only for a very short time. I try to keep pretty shot sequences down to 15-30 seconds maximum, if I can. – We wanna thank you, Jeven for asking us about our camera equipment. And we hope all these
tips help you guys out. – Okay so we can’t do a video
about the best vlogging camera without mentioning the DJI Osmo Pocket because this camera works very well but some of the issues with it is that it is so small,
the audio is not the best ’cause you just have the
little hole on the front, so if there’s wind or anything like that, it really doesn’t sound the best. If you hit this in any way,
you kinda hear the sound and it’s not the widest lens in the world. However there’s a little
solution, check this out. A little wide-angle lens from Ulanzi and now you have a much
better vlogging camera with the DJI Osmo Pocket. So definitely a good option
if you want something small that you could always have in your pocket, I highly suggest the DJI Osmo Pocket, it’s something that I use, I
keep it on me everywhere I go because it’s so easy for
me to just pull this out and do some quick vlogging
like this, super stable, and like I said this
little wide lens thing makes such a difference. Alright so I asked my buddy
Tal from TheTravelingClatt, he is in New York right now, on the cameras he uses
when he’s out vlogging. – Hey Jeven, so I’d like
to introduce myself to you and your audience, my name is Tal, also known as TheTravelingClatt online and I’ve been traveling around the world for the last four years
exploring the best things to see and do on our planet as well as tasting some delicious food. More recently I moved to New York City and I’ve been exploring the best sights and sounds in each of New York City and with that I’ve been
able to test my gear and push it to the limits
whether I’ve been in snow storms or on a bright sunny
day or in freezing cold, it’s been really fun to
test out how my gear works in different environments
here in New York City. So currently my vlog setup is as follows, I have a Sony a7S II with
a 16mm prime lens on it, that is actually not
built for this camera. On top of that 16mm prime,
I have a wide-angle adapter that I think brings it
up to about a 10 or 12, I’m not 100% sure, I bought it
on one of my trips to Japan, as well at the bottom of the a7S II, I have a JOBY GorillaPod, the more expensive version
that’s made out of metal and on top of the camera in the hot shoe I have a Sony microphone, it’s
the basic one that Sony makes that doesn’t require any
cables or any batteries, it just plugs in straight to
the hot shoe of the camera and connects immediately
and on top of that, I have a dead cat that
I bought at B&H Photo here in New York City and I
use that to record my audio. So some upsides and
downsides to my camera setup, what I like and what
I don’t like about it. For one I can’t use the full capabilities of my full-frame camera, my
camera is a mirrorless camera, the a7S II and it’s full-frame but I can’t use the capabilities of it because I’m using lenses that were not built for this camera. I partly used those lenses
because I purchased a camera I was using the a6500 before this one and I just still have the
same glass from this camera, so I can’t get those full
shots that I always like to do but what I really like about
these small lenses on my setup is the fact that they’re very discreet especially when I take
the little adapter off, it’s just really tiny and I like to be as discreet as I can when I’m vlogging especially when I’m
traveling around the world to different countries so it really, really
helps out in that aspect, At the bottom of my camera
I have a JOBY GorillaPod like I mentioned, I
really like this tripod because it works for
everything that I need it to but I also really hate this tripod because it’s really loose. I can’t really rely on this tripod, I can’t just leave it and
count on it to stay up, drives me a bit wild. So in the world of YouTube
there’s a lot of competition especially when it comes
to gear so starting out you might be a little overwhelmed with what some type of
camera you might wanna go to, what kind of camera setup
that you wanna go to, whether you wanna spend $2,000, $5,000, $100 on the camera setup,
I am here to tell you that it honestly does not matter as long as you can shoot at
least 480p at the very least, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a potato. If you can literally pick up a potato and shoot 480p video with it, I promise you as long as the story and the content itself is good, you’ll be able to gain
some sort of fan base, some sort of audience,
some sort of community that will watch and engage
and like your videos. The camera quality really
you can ask any creator, really does not matter if you
look on my channel personally, all of my top videos were shot with probably the worst cameras that I had but it doesn’t matter because
it was either information that people wanted to see,
content that engaged with people, made people happy or stuff that
I knew was going to blow up. So you could literally film on a potato and it does not matter. I for the past five years
that I’ve been doing YouTube have used over 15 cameras
from five different brands and I promise you that it
never ever ever matters. Basically what I’m trying to
say is that the camera quality has never been the determining factor for a video of mine to blow
up or to do well on YouTube. That’s my basic outlook on
this whole YouTube thing, it doesn’t really matter
what camera you have, just as long as you’re
making that good content. I’m gonna send that
back off to you, Jeven. We’ll see ya. – So for someone who’s
getting into vlogging, what would be like one
tip that you would say for their YouTube channel? Like what’s something that
they should think about? – I think if you’re just
starting out with vlogging, the first thing is gonna be that fear of just being weird or
having people stare at you. Like right now there’s probably
five people staring at me somewhere collectively. – There’s been people
staring at us all day. – Yeah but like two people right here, they just stared at me, so what, and then they passed and they left and the truth is is that
if you can figure this out, if you can master this,
it’s worth $10 million. – Good advice. – You’re gonna say no to $10 million? – Definitely good advice,
you just need to go out there and shoot and not worrying
about what people are thinking when they’re seeing you out vlogging, you gotta remember, you’re
putting your content online for people to watch so who cares if they’re
watching you in public because all of these people are gonna be, thousands of people are
gonna be watching you and what you do on a camera
and judging you there. When it comes to creating vlogs, you just have to remember a few things. You just have to go for it, you have to just get out
there, shoot the content, but you also have to think story first. Don’t just shoot a bunch of random stuff and think that people
are gonna wanna watch it. You wanna come up with an idea and you wanna come up with a story before you flip on the camera. So always think through what
it is that you’re shooting and come up with more of a plan before you hit that record button and just spray the camera
around shooting everything. Guys if you wanna learn more about how to grow your YouTube channel, things that work, how to
go after topics that work, I’ll put a link down
below in the description and at the end on the
end screen to a playlist that’s all about how
to start your channel, how to grow your channel, and best practices when
you’re going out there and creating your vlogs. Alright, make sure you head over to all of my friends’
channels, check them out, they got some really awesome content and you’ll be able to see
all these cameras in action when they’re out vlogging. Alright guys, that’s it,
I’ll see on the next one.


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