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Hey guys Casey Noland here. I got another projector There’s some features on this one that all the other portable projectors did not have comes in a really nice package I’m looking forward to ripping this thing open with you guys and it’s funny right because half of you came here Due to my projector reviews and then the other half of you were here because you like the speaker reviews I want to project the fans and speaker fans to get along. This is the video that might do it I’m gonna explain to you why just said let’s get into today’s video. My name is Casey Noland. Let’s go All right, so this is a pocket projector you can take this on the go it’s portable the reason that I’m making such a big deal is this one here has bluetooth capability what that means to me I can play a movie with this thing past the image on the screen and Also connect a bluetooth speaker To the projector. That’s a big deal. Let’s go ahead and unbox it sooo. This thing is all about. Oh, It’s coming off so sweet brand-new I just took it out for the first time. Let’s see what we got inside the box killing now the name of this company is to me it’s like Tou Mei to may to mine to me. I Suck at pronouncing these names guys, but look check it out. We got a nice tight fitted plastic on here. Oh, Man they got me already. I love you guys. See that Wow. Oh look at that. Look at that They got the cover plastic on it. That’s how you know, it’s serious They put protective plastic because the top of this thing is so nice. Check this out. Can you guys see the detail? It’s like a carbon fiber. It’s like a glass carbon fiber Projector. How cool is that? So we have the projector lens right here this one sits like this Most of them usually sit with lens on the front here and then you have a little golden focus knob Legend of Zelda, baby Golden focus on the back here. You have your power button HDMI input headphone jack dcn USB and a memory card spot and then on the bottom you have a small holder you could screw this thing Mount it up to the ceiling or you could put it on the tripod let’s go ahead and see what else we have in the box, but check out the bottom – look, this is Magical this thing has all sorts of magic happening with it so far I’m impressed guys with this creation. The design is on point. What do we got, huh? We got another cardboard cutout. No, we like these little foam guys a Smart projector give you a little instruction manual how to use it. I’m gonna show you guys how to use it What’s in this box? What do we got here? Got the DC power cable right here Got a skinny box. Oh That’s nice. They include batteries for the remote got the remote right here. Pretty basic. Got your power button up down Okay, navigation buttons and the batteries. We’ll hook that up in a moment and we got another skinny box I’m assuming this is like an HDMI or something. No HDMI, okay, so they give you no connection cables Whatsoever make note of that Because if you take this out of the box Expecting to hook it up and you will have a spare cable. You might need to run to the store and get one So that’s the first thing that I noticed a little tripod here tripod you use a little bit of improvement All right. I just powered it on I can hear the fan running. Oh, yeah, there it is Alright, I still have lights on the room What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and power the lights down on the room I’m gonna hook this thing off make it pretty large on the screen give you guys an idea of what the image looks like Let’s check it out. Now. Of course on the date that I need to hook this up to the Wi-Fi The Wi-Fi doesn’t want to work. I’m getting a really bad signal today. I went ahead of here in the settings I wanted to show you guys you just turn the Wi-Fi you can turn on the blue And here in the settings now, I went ahead and found the Wi-Fi I was able to pair to it but downloading apps or screaming anything with the Wi-Fi It wasn’t really happening today. Now. Here’s an overview of the whole menu. Check this out I plugged in a wireless dongle and I was able to use a mouse and keyboard look see the mouse moving around that’s pretty sweet because now this projector just turned into like basically a computer on the screen and You know, I was downloading a few apps playing around with the but eventually I hooked it up with the HDMI I wanted to give you guys a view of how queer this image is. Now. This is only 100 lumens It doesn’t sound like a lot of lumens But this is a lot brighter than most of the other projectors that I have reviewed and I’ve reviewed projectors that are like 2000 lumens 3200 lumens, you know, but I guess this is the true 100 lumens it’s very bright in a dark room during the daytime not so much But at night time you can see the colors very very clearly. The image is very crisp. I mean check that out This is final fantasy 15 This is on the ps4. And this projector does support the 1080p 720p Playback, so this is 1080p Playback and you could see how nice and clear the colors. Are me check it out. I’m gonna give you guys a Size scaling real quick. I like walking up to the screen so you can see exactly how large the screen is and That’s not this it’s final fantasy 15. This is actually a great game. I should probably start reviewing games I mean, I love a good video game today all mine seen Final Fantasy 15 Fishing to fish or not to fish now But seriously great color great image very very clear I’m happy with it and the features on it as far as the Bluetooth goes oh, I’m glad we talked about that the Bluetooth, so I was able to connect to a Bluetooth speaker and Was able to hear sound coming out of the Bluetooth as I went through the menu However, I need to be able to scream wirelessly like you need to stream Netflix or you can download like a music App in the App Store and then you could stream it straight to the blue to do If you’re connected with an HDMI the HDMI kind of cancels out the Bluetooth So if you’re plugging in something like a DVD player or ps4? The Bluetooth is not going to function properly. You would actually have to plug in an external speaker So I hope this video helped you guys So after using it for about five minutes I realized that I could actually plug in my wireless Keyboard and mouse dongle into the USB port and that completely changed the game for me. Now. I understand why this is a $300 project because it’s basically a Computer in your pocket you can plug in a dongle use a keyboard use a mouse You could download any applications you want you could browse the web. You could connect it to Wi-Fi You don’t even have to put an HDMI into this projector in order to play videos watch movies now I did hook up my ps4 to it. So you guys could see the clarity in Final Fantasy 15 by far This is probably the clearest projector that I’ve had in my possession So this is another one to add to the list. It has the Bluetooth feature I was able to hook up bluetooth sound to it The one thing that I will say is you’re not gonna really see too much using this during the day time It has to be pitch black in your room Now if you plan on using this at nighttime with all the lights out, you’re gonna get a really really good picture quality This is pretty fresh. I’m not gonna lie. I mean if you wanted to hook this up with like a ps4 Xbox one Pretty sweet-looking. I like it. I approve of it I’ll leave a link down below if you guys want to check it out for yourselves, and these are on sale right now Normally, they’re a lot more expensive. So make sure you check it out. I think the original price was like $5.99 or something crazy like that Trust me why? I thought you guys say Jack these price is back up after they get a few good reviews So make sure you check it out before the price is jacked up And also make sure you have an HDMI cord handy If you plan on using this as soon as it comes out of the box So thanks again for watching guys that this video did it help please hit the like button down below subscribe I’ll be bringing you more videos like this in the future and it’s till next time. My name is Casey Noland Peace You

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