Beautiful Wall mirror DIY.

Last week I made this mirror. And I asked
you guys if you all would like to see this mirror. And you guys said yes. So here’s this mirror. Now this mirror on the side I’ll be making that shortly,
Because this goes with the other sunburst mirror. Now all the materials used in this project, Would be found in the description down below. Now let’s get started. Now we are starting off with this foam board, and this mirror that I picked up from the Dollar Tree. Now we are going to take the mirror out of the frame. And we’re going to place it on to the foam board, And align it in the center of the foam board. Once we have it in the center, We’ll take a pen and we’ll mark a line around the mirror, onto the foam board. Now once we have our line mark onto the foam board. We would take an inch tape, And we would measure the lines, and then fold the inch tape in half And then we would mark the halfway point onto the foam board. Now we will do this for all four lines on our foam board. Music Now we’ll take a piece of paper, And
we’ll start sketching out our design. Now we’ll be doing half of the design, So
that we could have identical sides. And you see what I’m talking about later. But right now I’m just freehand in a design, And drawing it onto the paper. Now you could freehand any design that you want. Or you could find something online, And
download it and use that as your pattern. But if you guys want this pattern that I’m using here. You could leave a comment in the section down below. And I could make a link so that you all could download, This particular design. But you could sketch any design that you want. Nearly anything that you do on this particular style of mirror, would look awesome. You really can’t make a mistake doing this. Music Now once you’re finished sketching your design. We will trace it on to the cardboard. Now all we do is go along the line that we sketched. And press it into the cardboard. Music Once we have finished doing one side. We would flip the paper over and we’ll continue And we’ll continue and we’ve pressed into the cardboard to do the other side. And we’ll do this for the both sides of our cardboard. Music Now we’ll take a piece of paper. And we’ll add a piece of paper on this side if we need to. Now we’ll sketch out our design on this side as well. Once we have our design sketched out. We will repeat the same process that
we did on the other side. Now once we transfer all our markings on to our form board. Now we’ll start designing our foam board. This is where the fun starts. Now we’ll be using this Diamond wrap, To trace around the edges of our design. Now there’s two lines run in between the Diamond wrap. And to go around the curve
we will be cutting one of the line And leaving the other line attached. And we’ll do this for a few strings well. So that we’ll have that prepared, So that
when we’re gluing down our design. We will have all the pieces that we need. Music Now we’ll be tracing around our markings
with our diamond rap. And we’ll be filling in the spaces with those as well. Now I’m starting with the straight piece, And we’re going to just glue it down onto the foam board. Music Now we’re continuing with our curve section. We’ll use our curved piece to continue the design. we’ll just put some glue from the
straight piece and go around the curve Using the curve pieces. Now we’re doing it this way, So that we don’t have to cut all these curve pieces. We only need to cut the curve pieces for the curve sections. Music Now we’ll go to the other side, And we’ll
glue one long straight piece. All the way up until we meet the curve. Music Now for our curve section, We’ll repeat the same process. We’ll glue our curve piece to our curve section. Music Now we’ll keep repeating these same
steps, until we fill in the entire piece. And I found it best to work from side to side. Until you get to the middle. And that seems to create the best results. And the best-looking piece. Now we’ll repeat these same steps, Until
our entire board is filled up. Now doing this project took a little bit of time. But it was actually Very relaxing. And I just watched television. And it was so nice to see the design coming to life before your eyes. Now I didn’t even know when the time pass. Just sitting down and gluing these pieces in place. And just watching the board come to life. Now if you guys like crafting, You would absolutely love. Just sitting down in front of the television, and putting this piece together. This is one of the projects, There each and every one of our individual pieces. Could be so vastly different. And this is one of the project, I would love to see. All the different creations that you guys come up with. So let me know in the comment section down below. If it’s something that you’d like to trie out. And I’d love to see your pieces when they are finish. What type of creation you came up with, using this method. I also glued on these flower mesh shape wrap, onto the project. Just to give it some more texture, and a little bit of difference. Music Now I’ll continue this same process off-camera. And I’ll come back and show you the updates as I go along Music Now when we get to the edge of our mirror line. We want to glue away from the mirror line. So that we would be able to glue our mirror in place when we’re ready. Now I’ll continue showing you guys
updates as I go along. Music Now once we’re done gluing all of our
pieces into place. We will glue the mirror, in the middle of our design. Music Now we’ll glue a row of Diamond wrap, to
cover up the edges. Music Now that we have the edges covered. I’m going around with the flower mesh shape wrap. And I’m going to glue a row of the flower mesh shape wrap, all around the mirror. Music Once I was finished gluing the flower mesh shape wrap onto the mirror. I decided, I want some of the flower mesh shape wrap, to be on the bling wrap. Just to give it some more dimension. So I cut a few strips, and I’m gluing them down onto the bling wrap. Now you may not be able to see this on camera. But it does make a difference, having the
other texture, on the bling wrap. So I’m going to do this on some of the paths of the bling wrap. Just for some added texture. Music Now I’m gluing a row of nine flowers to the other side. Now I’m going to glue one more row of diamond wrap onto the mirror. Now I’m going to use E6000, On this part of the project. Just because it’s the mirror part of the project. And we’ll be cleaning this a lot. So I’m going to use the E6000 to glue this part into place. Music Now once you’re finished gluing this into place. All you have to do, is use two command strips to hang it on the wall. Now I really love the way that this came out. And I want to hear back from you guys, What do you guys think. Now I really Love hearing back from you guys, And seeing what projects you guys come up with. Now one person I heard back from, Is MsTina’sEverything. Now she sent me a picture of the
Sunburst mirrors that she did. And it came out really beautiful. So I asked her, if I could have used it in the video. And she sent me a video link, of a video that she did. And I’ll link that in the description down below. Now I tell you guys, I really love seeing these products. After you guys finish. Music Now I’ve asked you guys, whether it be in
the beginning of a video. Or at the end of a video. If you all would like to see this other project. And most times, You guys said yes, You would like to see the other project. Now I’m thinking about starting, A ask me Tuesday video. Where I show you guys, a few projects that I’m doing. And I asked you guys, which project
you all would like to see first. And whichever projects get the most likes . Or the most comments on. I would concentrate on making that video. And the people on the ask me Tuesday video. I’ll call those my creative team. And they would help create the content, For the next video that we are going to see. And I think that, It would just help make the channel much more interactive. And will help me get an idea, of what you guys want to see. And that would just make it, much more
interesting to me. And I think, I would love to have. Just that creativity, and that feedback from you guys. And I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday. Where we start to ask me to use their videos. So guys, I’ll see you guys on Tuesday. Music Thanks for taking the time out, to watch the video. You have a blessed and awesome day. Now if you like this video. You may also like these as well. l and don’t forget to Like. Comment and Subscribe. See you in the next one. Music

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