Barco’s DP2K-10Sx digital cinema projector offers high-class images

Welcome to this presentation on the Barco
DP2K-10Sx digital cinema projector. This cinema projector has been designed with the independent
cinemas and arthouses in mind. A very important aspect for those exhibitors
is having a sublime image. So the design motto behind this projector was bringing the same
sublime images on the smaller screens as a larger cinema projector would bring on the
larger screens. To achieve that, Barco’s engineers have designed
a new platform from the ground up around TI’s .69 inch chip so that we could bring the absolute
brightness, the ultimate brightness out of this projector.
Another very important design point has been the choice of the lamp technology. We have
decided to remain using Xenon lamps as this is the perfect technology for digital cinema
projectors. Not only does it bring the absolute brightness but it also has a very uniform
color spectrum, a very natural color spectrum that is also constant in time.
This is essential for giving the right cinematic experience and keeping it over time.
Additionally, the DP2K-10Sx projector has fully motorized lenses, this is allowing exhibitors
to always show the correct aspect ratio on the screen and keeping the artistic intent
that was there in the movies in the first place.
Another very important feature we have decided to retain into this smaller-chip projector
is the manual convergence. This is enabling this projector to converge the red, green
and blue images at a sub-pixel level for a very good convergence but it also allows us
to rotate these images with respect to one another to perfectly converge, also in the
corners and deliver a perfectly sharp image all over the screen.
And very importantly, Barco’s engineers have also used the same sealing technology of the
.69 inch chip onto the prism to avoid dust coming in there and keeping the same sublime
images over time.

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