ASTEV – Your own Virtual Friend, Spy Camera and Helper  |  Sankalp Arora  |  ASTEV Group

ASTEV – Your own Virtual Friend, Spy Camera and Helper | Sankalp Arora | ASTEV Group

long back there was time when people met
each other and talked and exchanged ideas but now along with passing time
and development things seem to change as now everyone is busy with their own
lives and you have no time to spend together and in the era of modern
technological development everyone is busy on their gadgets too and so we hardly see people physically
meeting each other and talking nowadays leading to a number of problems
including anxiety I related problems and depression so here we present ASTEV or
simply advanced self talking and environment virtualizer robot as your
own companion to help you and relax you whenever you are struck and need a
friend . So hello Everyone, here we present the latest version of ASTEV in a more Compact Form , so starting up, here we have.. Hi there, I am ASTEV, your Very Own friend ranging alway from being a music
speaker to a virtual multitasking person along with a live casting camera cast
option to monitor your home even when you are away. Hey ASTEV
how are you? Well I’m fine except the fact that I am feeling a bit low on
power.Hey ASTEV what can you do?? Well I can help you feel better and
refreshed by talking to you set alarms, reminders, perform web searches, control
home lighting, write and read journals on your behalf,
send whatsapp messages, click pictures and much more. Hey ASTEV, set an alarm for tomorrow 6a.m. Ok alarm set for tomorrow 6 a.m. saying wake up
Hey ASTEV, what’s the weather?? Rainy with expected thunderstorm. Hey ASTEV, Play Some
party music. DJ asked if in the house. and we present you the ASTEV Android
app now available with user friendly UI or smooth design more fast, fluent and
secure and comes with 99% offline functioning personalized, secure
cloud-based storage, dark-themed, inbuilt browser and an integrated camera view
unit for a live casting you’re a staff even when you are far…..

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    October 12, 2019

    It is a amazing 🤖.
    I will actually like to buy it as well😃 from


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