Annke SP4 Wireless IP Security Camera

Annke SP4 Wireless IP Security Camera

Hey, guys, this is Annke SP4 with remote access
and a detection sensor. Now, let’s begin the setup.
Firstly, plug in the power adapter to get the IPC charged and then long press the “SET” button to
reset the camera before use. Please wait a few seconds when it’s resetting. Once it is done, insert the TF card into the slot, so that the security video can be recorded and saved in the card. Then install the “U_L” viewing App by
scanning the QR-code or through Appstore. After it is well installed on your phone,
click on the icon to enter the APP register an account and log in.
Click “Add camera” at the bottom and follow the step by step guide to setup the camera. Press “Next Step” and there appears the network configuration menu. Click on the Wi-Fi
icon, choose the available network and enter the password to get them connected. After successfully connected, click to view video and the temperature display icon appears
too. Slide “Up, down, left and right” on the screen and adjust the IP camera to the best shooting angle. Click on “Camerashoot” to shoot the current image You can click on “Talkback” to get two-way audio communication Click on “Music” to play music through IPC (You can remote play the built-in lullabies
to appease your baby or you can record one by yourself if you like), press again to stop playing music. If you wanna get full screen view, rotate
your phone to 90 degree. Click on the setup icon on the top right of
the screen and enters the setup menu, you can freely modify the settings according to your needs. Hope it keeps a good company in your home security.


  • Alexander Pérez

    April 9, 2016

    ¿what's the price?

  • Sorin Hotea

    January 12, 2017

    I cannot add the camera to the iPhone app. How can I solve this problem? The led light goes green after setting up the camera but the app never says that it is connected with the camera. So?

  • nujec

    April 30, 2017

    Just about the most amateurishly, poorly designed software and hardware I've ever encountered. Terrible translations in software and 'manual'. No online PDF manual, just thin sheet of paper with gibberish instructions. Incomprehensible, hard to navigate support web site. Support who can't even understand or write the most basic English. Monitor makes horribly loud jarring noises when switched on or 'soothing music' is played with no way of changing the volume of this. Installation is very unreliable and mysterious with no way of diagnosing any problems. Forced to use amateurishly designed, cryptic, buggy, crashy U_L app which has never been updated on iOS or Android despite many bugs. Android U_L app arbitrarily limits wifi passwords to a maximum of 20 characters long. No Windows, Mac or Web alternative for viewing camera footage or controlling camera. Motion detection very unreliable. U_L App is a huge battery drainer that disables screen timeout. No way of using monitor for just audio without video to make power drain manageable. Currently my camera shows 'camera offline' despite the last three attempts to reset and reinstall all of which were allegedly successful according to the app. Just awful and a complete life-sucker. Save yourself the stress and spend more to buy something that is well designed and actually works.

  • Charlo Galea

    August 20, 2017

    hi i have the sp1 and i use MiPC on my device , did the sp4 works with the same app to see both cameras in the same time?

  • Kelly Lavigne

    August 13, 2018

    Worked great for my needs.>>>    I loved the fact that you didnt have to run wires all over the place to view your cameras.

  • Deimantas Lukosevicius

    June 29, 2019

    I have Annke SP4 camera but your U_L app does not exist anymore in google play
    How can i still use it ? Is any other compatible apps for it i can download?


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