Android Mobile App HD Security Camera View

Android Mobile App HD Security Camera View

The iDVR-PRO mobile app for Android supports
remotely viewing HD security cameras. When you first connect the the DVR, the app
is running in standard definition mode. I tap on the HD icon to switch to high definition
mode. Then, I tap on the zoom icon to enable the
digital zoom function. Users can then pinch, stretch, and move screen
to change the view of the camera. To exit zoom mode, I tap on the icon again. Next, I tap on the four screen grid icon on
the left to switch to the four camera view. When you are in a multi-view, you can tap
on any of the cameras to switch to the full screen view of that camera. One way to playback surveillance video footage
that is recorded on the DVR hard drive is to tap on the search icon. This brings up the date and time search screen
where I can select the specific date and time that I want to playback. Just like the live camera view, playback starts
in standard def and can be switched to high def by tapping on the HD icon. The digital PTZ mode works in playback mode
as well. Next, I’ll exit zoom mode and switch to
the four camera view. And again, just like the live view, I can
select the full screen view of any camera by tapping on it. When I am done watching the recorded video,
I tap on the live view icon in the upper right. Another way to play back recorded surveillance
video from the app is to tap on the Log View icon. The log view screen allows you to select a
time and date range to search the DVR log for events such as motion detection and external
alarm triggers. When I see an event in the log that I want
to view, I tap on it. This starts the video playback at the point
in time that the event occurred. All of the video playback controls are the
same. Users can enable and disable the on screen
controls by single tapping on the screen. Here is a close up view of 1080p resolution
AHD security camera. This is a weatherproof and vandal-proof dome
camera that monitors the front door at CCTV Camera Pros office. When I am done watching the recorded video,
I tap on the Live View icon again. Want to learn more about this HD security
camera system? Please visit Thank you for watching!

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