AMCREST camera – 4MP wi-fi outdoor bullet security poe ip camera installation. ip camera tutorial

hello youtube today I’m gonna unbox and
do a review of the amcrest IP camera 4 megapixels (4MP) Ultra HD it has Wi-Fi
it’s suitable to to be placed outdoors and it also comes with a slot to
put a small SD card so you can record your video if you don’t have a
network video recorder (NVR) if you have a network video recorder I believe this
one you can connect to it and it is compatible with the amcrest NVR I have and
I have also have reviewed , I’m gonna put it over here let’s open it and
see what’s inside the box and I’ll show you how to connect it you
see here your mobile phone and also how to connect it using the Ethernet port
and how to set it up with your network video recorder, your NVR the first thing
in the box or here is an error cable we also have the Quick Start Guide without
basic instructions on how to set it up we’ll go over it later on you also have
power supply and the camera itself which is just white you can see goes with my
autopilot so this is the camera and inside the box there is also the antenna
with the weight of a signal and some adapters screws so you can stop so the
camera itself comes with a little adjustable over on the top on the back
you’re gonna find the where you can place the antenna soft in this cooler
here because very tight so basically you’re gonna screw lis something here I
need a different screwdriver so on the back of the of the connections you can
either connect a an Ethernet cable and you also have the connection for the
power on the bottom you have two screws I’m gonna remove so
below that you have your port when you dump or you can put an SD card this is
the point where the SD card but I’ll be connected to my network video recorder
as well so I will most likely not use that so let’s proceed to connect and do the initial setup with
the your mobile device so you can see how you can connect this
the camera to the network video recorder which happens to be impress as well and
how do I set it up to be on the Wi-Fi network that I have here at my place
come on let’s start the installation of the of the camera first we needed we
need to set it up to use Wi-Fi as the connectivity method so go ahead and open
the Play Store and download the impressed application I really have any style so I’m gonna
just open it click on this button over here to other device and just click
Wi-Fi camera at this point you shall click on Ethernet Wi-Fi setup
I tried the Wi-Fi configuration setup but it didn’t work properly so what I
did is connect the camera to to the Ethernet cable until your router or
switch depending on your home network requirements and just proceed with the
Ethernet Wi-Fi setup which is that initially the camera will be connected
via ethernet and then it will switch to Wi-Fi let’s see how to we can do this hit next once we select the Ethernet
setup hit next again and it’s kinda cured in the serial number on the back
of the unit once you have the serial number it’s can next we’re gonna name
this one dick pool because I’m gonna position it facing the the pool from the
wood deck from the back deck and I’m gonna hit next then I’ll have the choice
to select the SSID for the network that when I use in this case I’m gonna use
this one here and I’m gonna type the password next let’s try to it’s gonna
try to connect so it’s commercial successfully connect to remove the
Ethernet cable and wait for 30 seconds and then to top
start lay for you so let me disconnect the camera click on my starlight view
after 30 seconds at fast now it’s going to try to connect it’s gonna ask me
enter the new password and to confirm it into the next line I’m going to click
modify password just a few seconds and it looks to be working okay thank you so
much for watching this video please subscribe to my channel and I look
forward to see you again

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