Warning. The following video was made with real customers, thanks to hidden cameras. Hello, and Welcome to my shop. Today, when a customer comes to fix his telephone, I’ll put something very special on it. An amazing gift ! And we have hidden cameras inside the store and outside on the streets. So we see how they react. But first, we wait for customers to come. Hello
Hi, there’s something wrong with my phone. it keeps freezing. I’ve just bought this phone and there is
something wrong with the sound. I’ll take a look at it.
Thank you. I’ll be right back
Ok. Ok my friend, it was just a little problem, but it works fine. It’s fixed. Also, I put a special application for you on this phone. Free of charge, ok ? You look like a nice guy. Because you are a nice lady. Beautiful couple. Oh, thank you.
No worries. It’s a special gift from me to you. It sounds cool.
Do you want to see how it works ? Yes
Ok. I show you.
You see the light ? Yeah.
Ok, now look. Oh my god.
Light off. You can be romantic, when you’re together And if you’ve finished, you can put light back on, like this. No.
Yeah, it works. Nice, yeah ?
Love it, man. Also, it works outside.
Really ? Yeah. You want to see ? Don’t worry, I’ll show you. That’s a pretty good app. You see the street light ?
Yeah. Same principle. Again, I hack. Light out.
Oh, shit. Oh ! That’s amazing.
You like that ? That’s like the best app ever. I put it back on. Do you like cars ? I love cars, yeah. Ok, here. Here you go.
Is that your car ? It’s not my car. But it’s open.
Oh my god ! You like ?
Sure. It works with every car. Come, I’ll show you. Before people see us. Let’s open them. Let’s open all of them !
I will show you. Ok, same principle. Here we go. All the cars are open. You can have any car ! Ok, come, come, before people look at us. I like it.Ok, it can do more. It works with ATM. Look. If i do this… You see that ? Come, come. Why wait ? Look : everyone taking Show me the money. My friend, I tell you. It’s a special gift, ok ? I want you to try. You see the traffic lights ? I want you to try the application.
When I count to three, you press the button. One, two, three. Hack it ! It’s green.
Oh, nice. So you can do traffic lights, you can do camera. You can…oh !Oh my god. Eh… I did ? You did that. You see ?
I didn’t do that. No, no, you.
No, no, no … I told you to aim at that traffic light, you aimed at the other one. Don’t run. You have the money ? Put it away. You have the money ?
It’s gone, yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll handle it, okay ? What’s going on ? Officer, this car crashed. Because this woman…
What ? This man…
This man ? He do all these problems What did you do ?
He steals the telephone from my store. We didn’t steal any phone.
He was actually showing us the phone. He’s a hacker. He hacked into the system.
With what ? He uses his phone.
With his phone ? Can I see your phone ? Your phone. I…I don’t underst… He hacks into every system, I tell you.
He can speak english this one ! My…
…English. Your english ?
Not good. Hand me the phone, Sir. What is this ? How did you do that, Sir ?
Ask him ! He gave… He gave me the app.
I gave you nothing. Do you honestly think a phone can do this ? Really ? I… You’ve just experienced…
What you can do in
the upcoming videogame Watchdogs. Wow, Watchdogs. That’s amazing.
Yeah That was amazing. That was amazing. It would be cool to live in a world like that. Watch_Dogs


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