5 Most Amazing Cameras in the World

5 Most Amazing Cameras in the World

Curious Droid presents five most amazing
cameras in the world. Digital cameras are getting more
powerful and smaller each year with mega pixel counts and other features
increasing at a breathtaking rate but step away from the consumer devices and
there are some truly amazing cameras being used. In this video we’ll look at
some of the most amazing cameras in the world today and coming soon. If you’ve
ever used Google Earth, Bing, Apple or most a mapping applications then you’ve been
seeing images mostly captured by satellites in orbit around 360 odd miles above the earth. In 2014 a new satellite was launched called the
Worldview 3 which is owned and operated by DigitalGlobe and is the first
commercial satellite to have a 25 centimeter resolution. That means that
each pixel of the picture is the equivalent of 25cm by 25cm or about one square foot of the actual earth’s surface. That might
not sound like much but don’t forget the camera is 363 miles up in space. Whilst is is still not enough to make out details like people’s
faces or car number plates it is quite a big jump from a 70cm
resolution but applications like Google Earth had to use before. DigitalGlobe
still had to apply for special permission from US government sell the
new higher resolution images on the open market such as increase in the quality
that the new system can reveal that it would have been classified before. The
system can image an area the size of the United States in just two days and can
see through clouds and smoke with its additional short-wave infrared imaging
cameras so many events like wildfires can now be seen in a way which were
previously been hidden by the smoke or water vapor from clouds. Now if you thought that the Worldview 3 was powerful, then wait until you see the 1.8 gigapixel
ARGUS-IS This is DARPA’s Autonomous Real time
Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System or just ARGUS-IS for short. This system is able to track and record every moving object such as
people, cars, trucks and other objects of interest in an area up to 36 square
miles from a height of 20,000 feet and see objects as small as 6 inches across which is about 15 centimetres.Iit is
designed to be mounted onto UAV’s, drones, planes in fact anything that can stay
above the target area for long durations. Now you may be thinking that this uses
some super high-tech camera system but in fact it uses 368 5 megapixel camera chips that you would find in a normal mobile phone.
These are mounted behind for Lenses and the images from all the image sensors are combined into one large image equalling 1.8 gigapixels which
allows for a large coverage area but still being able to zoom in and see the fine
details. The hard part is actually handling all the data because the system
is a persistent surveillance one, all the data is recorded and at the rate of 6000 terabytes of data per day. The system can automatically identify and track moving objects over an area the size of a medium-sized city, something
which would take a 100 Predator drones do the same. The operator has to
just select an area of interest to look at and the system will start tracking. Up
to 65 separate zoomed in Windows of interest can be opened to allow
targets to be tracked across the entire field of view. Although originally
intended for military use in Afghanistan it’s thought that this could be used to
track criminal suspects in civilian areas too So now we come from the 1.8 gigapixel
surveillance system to the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope or LSST
currently under construction in Chile. At the heart of this system is a 3.2Gigapixel camera which will be the largest ever created when it comes
online in 2022. The camera however is no light weight like the ARGUS-IS. The three
Mirror device weighs 3 tons and is a size of a small car. It has 189 image sensors and has a resolution equivalent to 800,000 8Mp cameras. The single image that will be created by merging all the data
from all the sensors would fill 1500 full HD TV screens. In 2022 when the LSST starts to come online it will begin a ten year mission to photograph the entire
southern sky every few days to produce the most detailed catalogue of stars and
galaxies yet created. Because it can image the entire sky every few days, differences in the images will be used
to track objects like asteroids and the movement of galaxies in order to try and
better understand dark matter and dark energy which is believed to make up 95% of the universe. We’ve seen high-speed cameras capturing things like balloons exploding, bullets going through objects, even the first few
milliseconds of an atomic explosion but the world’s fastest camera is so fast
they can even capture pulses of light as it moves through space. The camera which has been developed at MIT Media Lab has an effective frame rate of 1 trillion
frames per second the avergae video camera on the other your hand works between 24 and 30 frames per second. In one experiment the team used a laser to
create extremely short pulses of light which are then shone through a plastic
bottle filled with a cloudy liquid. This create almost a bullit of light as the
packet of photons are seen moving from one end of the bottle to the other. It takes
the light just one nanosecond for 1 billionth of a second to travel the
length of the bottle. The biggest problem with this type of imaging is it has to
be made up one line at a time, so the process has to be repeated hundreds or thousands of
times and the separate slices are then combined into a video which you see
here. That’s fine for a scientific experiment in the lab but for events
which cannot be repeated thousands of times scientists in Japan have created the
STAMP or Sequentially Timed All Optical Mapping Photography method which can
capture an astonishing 4.4 Trillion frames per second at a
resolution of 450 x 450 pixels. Now that resolution is not much when compared to say an iPhone 6s but the best slow mo performance
for the iPhone 6s can be achieve is 240 frames per
second, it would take the iPhone 6s 581.3 years to capture the same number
of frames as the STAMP system can capture in one second. Now from the fastest cameras in the
world to the smallest. built by Medigus the micro scoutcam is just
1.2mm across and has a resolution of 224 x 220 pixels and is fully waterproof. Made for endoscopic work
scoutcam is so small but it can be built into a tablet like the PillCam. This
can be then swallowed and travels through the digestive system whilst
transmitting a video as it goes. The tablet includes the camera, a light
a battery and a wifi connection and captures 18 frames of video per second. Normally the patient wears a belt which
picks up and records the video signal for analysis later. This allows doctors and
specialists to see what’s happening inside the patient in real-time without
having to do surgery or use a traditional endoscope. NASA have also
been using the camera with tiny invertebrate robots in experiments on
the International Space Station to inspect areas that would otherwise be
inaccessible. This super lightweight low power camera now enables the placement
of cameras would have previously been impossible. Thanks for watching and I hope you
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