15 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Black Mirror

15 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Black Mirror

My name is Georgia and welcome to Alltime
Movies! With the 5th season of Black Mirror here to spook us silly yet again, I’ve gone
back through the series to find 15 interesting facts that you might have missed. 1. You probably know this already, but in
case you just discovered this show, this is essential information. The phrase “black
mirror” refers to the turned off screen from your computer, TV or phone that reflects
you. Or it reflects all of us and our own psychological problems. This is the whole
point of the series. So stop complaining it focuses too much on phones! 2. When creator Charlie Brooker and producer
Annabel Jones were pitching Black Mirror, they struggled with how to sell it. They described
it as “a modern day Twilight Zone” to get their idea across. Obviously it worked! 3. Also if you love Black Mirror, and already
have seen The Twilight Zone, you might want to watch some other shows that also inspired
Black Mirror. There’s Tales of The Unexpected, based on Roald Dahl’s twisted short stories,
that ran for ten years from 1979. Hammer House of Horror is a similarly spooky anthology
series that ran for one season in 1980. Out Of the Unknown is another anthology sci-fi
series, from 1965. And Black Mirror Season 3 episode, Men Against Fire, is very similar
to a 1998 episode of The Outer Limits. 4. The 2014 Christmas special, White Christmas,
stars Oona Chaplin. As her name suggests, she is the granddaughter of screen legend
Charlie Chaplin. She’s also the great-granddaughter of Nobel prize-winning playwright Eugene O’Neill.
Pretty cool! You can also see her in Game of Thrones and the first two Avatar sequels
that are coming out… eventually. 5. Even though Netflix pretty much invented
“binge watching”, the creators of Black Mirror do not recommend doing that to their
show. Because its scary and twisted stories leave the viewer in a very dark place, Brooker
and co. say it’s not very healthy to experience over and over again within a few hours. If
you do binge, go and see a doctor. Or anyone. Just don’t rely on your phone! Seek real
human contact! 6. We know that each episode stands by itself,
and there is no particular viewing order. Because it’s an anthology, duh! Nevertheless, Charlie Brooker has confirmed
an old fan theory that the episodes all take place in the same universe. This is clear
in the final episode of season 4, Black Museum, which is full of Easter eggs referring to
previous episodes. They include the Arkangel tablet, the masked
man from the episode White Bear. Also from White Bear we can see a mugshot of Victoria
when Nish enters the museum, and the balaclava. We can see an autonomous drone insect from
Hated in the Nation; the DNA scanner from USS Callister and Tommy’s lollipop; a comic
cover from season 1’s 15 Million Merits; the bathtub from Crocodile; a diorama of Carlton
Bloom from The National Anthem. There are diagrams of the Mushrooms from Playtest. Also
connecting to Playtest are the museum hallway, which shares the same spooky vibe as the scary
house, and the knife-wielding mannequins. 7. Speaking of Playtest, did you know that
episode was inspired by criticism of the show? The phone call at the end of the episode was
inspired by Mallory Ortberg’s critique of the show entitled, “Next on Black Mirror:
What if phones, but too much?”. Brooker found it funny and said YES let’s do that.
Brooker is the best, could listen to him talking all day. 8. Black Mirror is obviously known for its
sci-fi technology. That’s probably why they decided to publish a book series. Very high
tech! In 2017, Brooker and Annabel Jones promised
to publish three volumes of Black Mirror short stories by a variety of writers. Unfortunately
it looks like Netflix is keeping Brooker and Jones too busy, because they’ve postponed
the books indefinitely, until they have time to work on them. 9. Season 4’s Arkangel was directed by none
other than Jodie Foster! This makes it the first Black Mirror episode from a female director.
Jodie previously directed some episodes for Orange is The New Black and House of Cards.
Apparently Jodie didn’t know about Black Mirror until she got the script, which Netflix
sent her after they’d talked about potential projects for her to work on. She binged the
previous episodes and loved the show. She binge watched them!! Charlie Brooker wouldn’t
approve… 10. The episode White Bear from season 2 had
an interesting writing process. The huge twist wasn’t in the first script. Originally,
the cover story told to Victoria, was actually the main story of the episode. Brooker came up with the twist when he visited
the filming location, an old air force base. When he saw the fence that surrounds the base,
he realised how it could be worked into a twist ending and rewrote the script in only
2 days!! Crazy! 11. Brooker has been criticised for being
anti-technology because of, well, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF BLACK MIRROR. But Brooker himself says he is pro-technology
and has a big interest in it. What scares him is what happens when humans can’t control
new tech, and the negative consequences it can have. You’ve been warned! 12. Netflix released its first interactive
movie, Bandersnatch, in December 2018. The film has five distinct endings, and many different
routes to get there. There is actually a map which shows all the possible routes, if you
have the time to rewatch it. Because the plot is dependent on your choices,
each viewing could be very different. The quickest route will take 40 minutes and the
average viewing time is 90 minutes. But it can take as long as 2 hours. 13. Netflix released some interesting statistics
about the audience’s choices in Bandersnatch. Apparently Frosties is a clear winner over
Sugarpuffs, with 60 percent of viewers choosing Tony the Tiger over Honey Monster. A very
British result was that around the world, 55.9% of viewers chose to “throw tea”,
but in the UK only 52.9% chose it. 14. Did you know that Charlie Brooker has
written every single episode of Black Mirror, except one? That episode is The Entire History
of You from season 1. It was written by Jesse Armstrong, who also wrote Peep Show and Fresh
Meat. Now, you might be thinking that Rashida Jones
and Mike Schur wrote the season 3 Fpremiere, Nosedive. And you’d be right! But Charlie
Brooker came up with the story; whereas Jesse Armstrong actually came up with the idea for
The Entire History of You and told it to Charlie. 15. So far, probably my favourite Black Mirror
Easter egg is a musical one. Including the Christmas special, at least one episode in
each season has featured the song Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand). Originally
recorded by Irma Thomas, it was chosen for season 1’s Fifteen Million Merits just because
it fit the needs of the plot. Brooker has since included it as a deliberate Easter egg
when he can. Can’t wait to find out when it plays in season 5! Did I miss any of your favourite facts? Let
me know in the comments! For now, I’ve been Georgia, you’ve been watching Alltime Movies,
and I’ll see you next time!


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