1080p HD CCTV Camera Infrared Video Surveillance

1080p HD CCTV Camera Infrared Video Surveillance

The AHD-BL5H is a 1080p HD CCTV camera with
built in infrared LEDs that can see up to 100 feet in complete darkness. If you are
watching this video on a desktop PC, I recommend that you select 1080p video resolution in
the YouTube player. We are demonstrating surveillance video captured by this camera indoors, so
that we can create a zero light environment for the infrared night vision test, but this
camera is actually IP68 weather proof rated so it could also be used for outdoor installations.
When I turn all the lights off in our studio, you’ll that the camera engages its IR cut
filter and turns its built-in infrared LEDS on. You can see that the security cameras
infrared system easily illuminates this entire room which is 29 feet wide by 28 feet deep.
If you are familiar with the resolution of tradition analog CCTV cameras, you can see
the huge difference in clarity that a 1080p high definition security camera makes. For
this video, I have the camera lens adjusted to its widest angle, however, the 2.8 to 12mm
varifocal lens is adjustable so that it could also provide a more narrow and zoomed in angle
if needed. The last thing you will see is the camera switching back to color daytime
mode when the lights are turned back on in the room.
The AHD-BL5H is an AHD security camera that must be used with an AHD compatible DVR. This
camera captures full 1080p high definition surveillance video. The built-in infrared
LEDs and night vision technology of the camera allow it to capture video in complete darkness.
The tri-axis design of the mount allows this camera to be ceiling or wall mounted. The
IP68 rated housing allows this camera to be used indoors or outdoors in harsh weather
environments. The 2.8 to 12mm adjustable lens allows the installer to set a very wide angle
of view or a more narrow and zoomed in view for specific areas. CCTV Camera Pros supplies
this camera direct for home, business and government applications. For more information
please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/BL5H. Thank you for watching.

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